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What Taxi owners enjoy is a system of "Supply Management". It artificially creates scarcity, eliminates competition and keeps prices high. The owners of the medallions make a fortune, the taxi drivers make less than minimum wage, and the consumer gets a bunch of problems including waiting far too long for cabs at peak times (bars close or cruise ships arrive). As with many things done with good intentions and counter to market forces it has the opposite effect of what you claim is intended.

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No. Wrong.
Not believing in a deity (because perhaps you see no convincing evidence of one) means that one possible explanation - "God made everything" is rejected. There are any number of other possible explanations of how the universe came into existence, and you might choose one based on observation and evidence rather than faith. Or do you think that belief and faith are the same thing?

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by germansausage (#46966847) Attached to: China May Build an Undersea Train To America

You just listed the long term goal. The immediate goals of a terrorist act is to cause terror and to provoke a disproportionate reprisal. The reprisals helps further radicalize people and help recruit more members. I think they succeed on all 3 short term goals. As for the long term goals, the war isn't over yet.

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by germansausage (#46898369) Attached to: An MIT Dean's Defense of the Humanities

The problem is Engineers can read and write but Artsies can't do math.
My engineering degree required 5 full-year Arts courses along with all the math science and engineering. These were the same courses that students in the faculty of Arts took. Writing a coherent essay is something anybody should be able to do,
On the other hand, how do you teach even beginning level engineering classes to someone who last took math and science in the 10th grade. Even if you dumbed it down for the Artsies, first year physics for example, without trig and calculus would be impossible. Chem 100 without Chem 11 and 12?

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