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Comment Re:It's a scam. (Score 1) 82

Um. No. You're doing it wrong. The only thing my employer gets to keep control of is the company email on my phone. He can remotely delete it at any time. The rest of the phone and my own email and all the apps, data, and media on it belong to me and my employer has no way to access it. He pays half the monthly bill and any work related extra costs like roaming when I travel for work. Seems fair.

Comment Re:It's not just about IQ (Score 1) 307

A couple of points - Back in the late 70's we used to get really good quality red-hair sensimillia which had very high THC content, probably as high as today's favorites. The old hippies that grew the stuff on Lasqueti Island had already been growing since the mid 60s and they knew exactly what they were doing. One joint of sens might get shared with three guys; if we were smoking regular stuff we'd smoke 2 or 3 joints. The THC dose was the same.
In any case the hysteria over "today's super strong pot" is a bit like saying whiskey is worse than wine because it has more alcohol. If the weed is stronger you smoke less. And, hey, smoking less is good, right?

Comment Apple Music (Score 5, Insightful) 462

The Apple Music player app on IOS used to be at least usable. Now I have to google to figure out how to turn shuffle on and off. Everything is obscure and hidden where it used to be at least semi obvious. Controls are tiny when they used to be big enough for even my sausage fingers on a small screen,

Comment This is news??? Old, old, old trick. (Score 1) 246

1976 - Our high school ran time shared BASIC on a PDP-8. We wrote a program that would read in a program source file, and randomly replace one or two zeros with letter O, commas with semi colons and round brackets with square brackets. Not all of them, just a few. Drove our well deserving victims nuts.
A classic trick, but hardly new.

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