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Comment: Re:A database... (Score 1) 73

by gerddie (#49051601) Attached to: EU Preparing Vast Air Passenger Database

So up to know the EU has NOT been keeping track of who arrives and leaves???

Apparently yes, in December, when I went to India when exiting the EU in Madrid they just looked at the passport, compared the face that the boarding pass is valid, without any further check (e.g putting the document on some kind of reader).

Crossing an international customs border is not a private affair

But it should be.

Comment: Re:Radical Left allowed to run a country... (Score 2) 328

by gerddie (#48917153) Attached to: Valve's Economist Yanis Varoufakis Appointed Greece's Finance Minister

Shit like this [Chile coup, Pinochet -mi]

Chile's Pinochet, upon stepping down (show me one Left-dictator to have done that!), has left his country as the top Latin American economy.

Really? Then why is this organge line indicating the average of Latin America above the blue line indicating Chile between 1970 and 1991? There is also a different story to tell.

Comment: Re:Not at all the same (Score 1) 192

by gerddie (#48898031) Attached to: WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus Fight Gets Ugly For Users

Taking that even further, they pay to keep their XMPP servers running, WhatsApp Plus don't....

Actually, this is not quite correct: To connect to the WhatsApp servers one has supposedly pay for a subscription after the first year, and this subscription is bound to the account and not the client software; the official WhatsApp client is free on Android.

Comment: Re:Telegram (Score 1) 192

by gerddie (#48897807) Attached to: WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus Fight Gets Ugly For Users

Really? Using what server? Run by who? If you want guaranteed privacy, keep your data off a network.

With client end-to-end encryption it shouldn't matter who runs the server, should it? And since the client is FLOSS, you can check that they really do use a secured client-to-client connection when they claim to do so.

Comment: Re: was a warning too much to ask? (Score 1) 192

by gerddie (#48897615) Attached to: WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus Fight Gets Ugly For Users

The practicality of that might not be guaranteed. Are there platforms that have the unofficial client but no official client?

FirefoxOS has an unofficial client and no possibility to run the official one. Sailfish OS also has an unofficial client, and to run the official one you have to use the Android emulation layer.

Comment: Re:this report is inconsistent (Score 5, Informative) 142

by gerddie (#48679517) Attached to: New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle
The original article describes it a bit differently:

Six observations based on data and fits to data from a variety of areas are consistent with the hypothesis that the electron neutrino is a m^2_v_e = 0.11±0.016eV 2 tachyon. The data are from areas including CMB fluctuations, gravitational lensing, cosmic ray spectra, neutrino oscillations, and 0v double beta decay. For each of the six observations it is possible under explicitly stated assumptions to compute a value for m^2_v_e , and it is found that the six values are remarkably consistent with the above cited _e mass (\Chi^2 = 2.73). There are no known observations in clear conflict with the claimed result. Three checks are proposed to test the validity of the claim, one of which could be performed using existing data.

Comment: Re:A plus (Score 1) 137

by gerddie (#48444561) Attached to: Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal

Not that it would be enough to have an appreciable affect, but it would increase the impact factor of the journal. That would be contrary to the point of such papers.

Actually no. It would only show (one more time) that the IF is no useful measure. While this may not be the original intent of the paper, it would be a nice addition.

In the sciences, we are now uniquely priviledged to sit side by side with the giants on whose shoulders we stand. -- Gerald Holton