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+ - Has anyone seen my rabbit?

Submitted by geoskd
geoskd writes: Scientists at the university of Hawaii have created glow in the dark rabbits. Where can I get my hands on one of these critters? It would drive the cats nuts! These guys are missing a bet, they could sell these things for big bucks and use the money to further fund their research. This is the perfect gift for the geek who has "everything".

+ - Olympic committee blocking all video of Luge death-> 2

Submitted by geoskd
geoskd writes: The International Olympic committee has issued take-down notices for all videos of the accident on the luge track yesterday, but it begs the question, why are all these sites accepting the take-down requests? The incident certainly qualifies as news, and unless I missed my guess, news is one of the accepted fair use exemptions.
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+ - TinmeWarner looses New york state

Submitted by
geoskd writes: "Time Warner lost service for all of upstate new york for five hours today. No one yet knows what caused the outage, but automated messages at the companies technical support service indicated that the problem included the entirety of upstate new york. What little information is available here. It begs the question: What single point of failure could take out such a large geographical area without taking down the whole service provider? It was a peculiar failure, as I still had network service, but no name service during the outage. I also could not get a DHCP renewal from Time Warner, so when I renewed my lease, I lost connectivity altogether."

+ - Apple iPOD missing from Staples stores

Submitted by
geoskd writes: "I was in a Staples store for unrelated buying yesterday, and noticed that although the iPOD displays were still posted, and all the iPOD accessories were still for sale, the iPOD's were nowhere to be found. After asking one of the sales people where they went, they told me that the iPOD is not offered for sale by Staples. I checked, and sure enough, under the mp3 players category, there was a heading for Apple, but no products were listed. I have noticed in a number of other stores that I have been in recently, including Best Buy, and Circuit City that the iPOD displays that used to take a fair amount of room, have been removed and replaced with Microsoft displays, featuring the Zune, and the other playsforsure devices, but the iPODs have been relegated to tiny/hidden shelf space. Is this just normal practice for a new product entering the marketplace, or is there something larger (read: more sinister) going on?"

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