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Comment Re:And it all comes down to greed (Score 1) 554

And the fact that "total wages and salaries last year amounted to $7.1 trillion, or 42.5 percent of the entire economy [...] lower than in any year previously measured" is also hardly surprising: given that the US government keeps on piling mandates on employers, employers are satisfying those mandates in lieu of raises.

Thats just plain crap. Regulation does not help wages nor hurt it. If that were the case, then deregulation of the airline industry would have increased wages for pilots and air crews. In reality wages for these groups have been declining just like everyone else. Deregulation of the utilities? Same effect, declining wages just like everything else. The reality is that regulation is the bogeyman that the wealthy have pushed to try to give the bottom 20% something other than corporate greed vis-a-vis capitalism to rail against. In effect, its a giant con. They dont actually expect to eliminate regulation, but on the off chance that they do succeed and regulation is reduced, it simply allows corporations to gain greater profits by sacrificing health and safety for employees and the general public: a double win for the rich and powerful.

Comment Re:And it all comes down to greed (Score 1) 554

That would be wonderful: all basic human needs met without any backbreaking work. You really have to be quite misanthropic to think that that is a bad thing.

It's not a bad thing. The bad comes from what humanity will do when it reaches that stage. Instead of sharing the freedom and wealth that this state of affairs will bring, a small percentage of the population will benefit from it and capitalism will work to effectively exclude the vast majority of the population. These excluded souls will be pushed to extinction and will either fight back or die.

Comment Re:File this under duh (Score 2) 554

Overall, people today have more job security than in the past, not less.

75% of American jobs are in the service sector. The vast majority of these job are jobs that no one wants, even the people filling them currently. Surety of keeping a crappy job is not job security, its indentured servitude. It may not carry the same contract, but in point of fact it is the same thing.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 507

Flying through the air above your property is not criminal trespass. What's your next guess?

If youd had read the link, you would have noticed that there is precedent for trespass to include a certain amount of the airspace above the property. Where the line is drawn is usually a function of what the trespasser was doing there in the first place.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 183

As an old tyme Windows hater, I'm not getting some of this. On the 29th I reserved my upgrade.

Huh? I find it unlikely that anyone who described themselves as a windows hater would upgrade to the latest version of the OS, much less on release day. You can turn in your card at the main office...

Comment Re: Windows sounds easier to update than Debian. (Score 0) 183

"Victim" is the right word.

I was under the impression that SystemD wasn't yet in the stable releases, and was still just in the advanced releases. I'm 100% certain this is true for Ubuntu, as the 14.04 LTS still uses upstart.

If it is in the stable releases, then some of the maintainers need to be shot for letting unstable components into the stable releases. If it is still just in the advance releases, then why are people complaining when all the bugs haven't been worked out? Thats the whole point of advanced releases... If you insist on being on the bleeding edge, then you're going to bleed.

All I know for certain at this point is that when SystemD has some maturity behind it, I *will* switch to it; probably when the next Ubuntu LTS is released with it turned on.

Comment Re:Windows 8 and metered Internet connections (Score 1) 484

Then you should let Windows know that a particular SSID is "a low connectivity area

Having to jump through hoops to try to trick the OS into not running updates when you dont want them to run is asinine. The OS should simply allow you to disable automatic updates. It can even be an opt out thing, but the option should be there. Taking control away from the owners of the hardware is garaunteed to piss off said owners, and at the end of the day, they have the ultimate veto power...

Comment Re:Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 484

How many bugs did you actually find? How many did you report? That part is not so "fun".

Which is exactly why Microsofts million-person testing scheme did them almost exactly no good. Most of their "testers" played with it until it failed and then silently stopped using it, giving MS no value at all for the exercise. Worse, it may have given them a false sense of security. They desperately need people with obscure hardware to test the new OS, but this is the last kind of system that anyone is likely to use to test a new OS from Microsoft unless they are explicitly being paid to do so.

Comment Re:Only in a VM (Score 1) 263

What I already would like to know is how to XP-ify Win10 ?

I have found that many games I used to run under XP and before, no longer function at all under 7,8,8.1,... The only recourse I had for many of them is wine under ubuntu. I expect this may be your best bet for continued happiness with your old software. Failing that, you might have to give up the old software altogether.

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