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Comment: Re:Very low accuracy mailing... (Score 3, Insightful) 108

by geomobile (#29214943) Attached to: VA Mistakenly Tells Vets They Have Fatal Illness

You are most likely not suffering from any fatal neurological conditions.

Telling everybody that they're most probably healthy is not as good... it improves the accuracy of the mail even further without having the same valuable positive effect on the mood.
Why sacrifice the positive effect on mood for that little extra accuracy? You'll probably only send out a fraction of a percent false negatives, when you tell everybody that they don't have a fatal neurological condition!

Comment: Very low accuracy mailing... (Score 3, Insightful) 108

by geomobile (#29214711) Attached to: VA Mistakenly Tells Vets They Have Fatal Illness
I loved that phrase:

Some were right but many were mistakes.

Government should just mail an official looking letter to everybody:
Dear XY,
You are not suffering from any fatal neurological conditions.

This would vastly increase the accuracy of the mailing and would also be better for the general mood.

Comment: OS 3.1 API in Beta (Score 2, Interesting) 245

by geomobile (#29025039) Attached to: "Terminator Vision" Is Here For the iPhone
This is done with an API method that is only available in iPhone OS 3.1 which is still in Beta. Consequently the App cannot be officially published in the App Store.

There'll be a whole wave of Apps using this as soon as 3.1 is finally released.

Oh, of course we're working on something, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGq69Nyi6p0. Not as fancy yet, but it has spaceships.

Comment: Let me see your SLAs (Score 1) 174

by geomobile (#28691759) Attached to: German Health Insurance Card CA Loses Secret Key

Gematik spokesman Daniel Poeschkens poured scorn on the statement that Gematik had insisted on the service provider carrying out a test without backing up the root CA private keys. "We did not decide against a back-up service. The fact of the matter is that the service provider took over the running of the test system, so it also has to warrant its continuous operation. How it fulfils this obligation is its own responsibility."

...at that moment someone handed him the SLAs at which point he turned white, muttered something about an important meeting and was never heard of since.

Portables (Apple)

+ - Smooth Open Street Maps for the iPhone

Submitted by detrow
detrow writes: A number of projects are working on bringing a smooth Open Street Maps Viewer to the iPhone. Where smooth means, as smooth as the Google Maps application. Route-Me is one of them (New BSD License, complete Objective-C native code).
The GPS Mission blog reports that their application (GPS Mission) uses Route-Me and made it to the App Store, as the first application using that OSM component. The map looks real nice and behaves just like Google Maps with all the well known zooming and panning available.
What other iPhone applications exist that feel as smooth as Google Maps but use the Open Street Map?

Comment: I don't get it... 10% overrun limit? (Score 1) 61

by geomobile (#26143603) Attached to: Spaceport America Gets FAA License
From TFA:

The Federal Aviation Administration will issue a final decision on an environmental impact statement for the $200 million project and issue a license for the site.

...I understand this to mean that Spaceport America/Virgin submitted their application to the FAA based on a cost estimation of 200 mio $...

The third condition was that the project not exceed $225 million, a condition spaceport officials assure will be met.

So, does this mean as soon as they have 10% cost overrun their license is revoked?
I mean, surely no project ever has 10% cost overrun!
Either this means this is not a hard limit at all or there won't be a spaceport. Or the article is wrong. Or I didn't get it. Please someone explain.

(Also, please be sure to point out that 200-->225 is not a 10% overrun or your geek-license will be revoked.)

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