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Comment you have to increase with more (Score 1) 514

The _real_ economy also tends to increase by a few percent each year, so the money supply needs to be increased a few percent each year to compensate for this
No, you have to increase it with more in order to have (mild) inflation. That way there is a pressure to invest the money, knowing you lose some (small) value of them if you do nothing.

Submission URateStuff - User powered product reviews

An anonymous reader writes: URateStuff is a worldwide community-driven Rating and Review site for Products. It is a site that helps anyone that either buys products, sells products or manufactures products. The company calls it 'The Circle of progress'. Here's how ->

Consumers: Empower one another to make good purchasing decisions by writing product reviews detailing their experiences with using the product. They can then invite their friends to rate and comment it (even share/feed their reviews via RSS and other technologies built in to URatestuff). Also, they can make money automatically through the URateStuff Profit-share program because of their content via Google Adsense 50/50 split.

Sellers: Leverage URatestuff's technology; use the power of customer testimonials to boost your sales. Link to suitable product reviews to encourage customers to buy their products.They add the link to the Product Review, next to their product on their website, using the FREE code on the Product review page. They can also send customers to URateStuff in their Thankyou email, so customers can review the product that they bought.

Manufacturers: Read the product reviews on UrateStuff.com to build better products.

Company Goal

Contribute to the evolution of the web and boost the global economy

- Enable and empower the the average consumer to find the best trends from everything to technology to fashion.

- Allow many innovative companies, predominantly startups and mid-size companies, lacking a huge budget to succeed
based on the quality of what they are offering.

- Contribute to the evolution of Web 2.0

URateStuff Links -

About UrateStuff — http://www.uratestuff.com/aboutus-en.php
How it works — http://www.uratestuff.com/how-en.php
Content Tag Cloud — http://www.uratestuff.com/cloud.php
Company Blog — http://www.uratestuff.com/blog/

Submission Blogger threatened for publishing JavaScript hack

An anonymous reader writes: Internet radio station Atlanta Blue Skye LLC has warned a Romania-based technology enthusiast that his blog has been "copied" and turned over to its lawyers. The issue stems from his posting of a widely known workaround for bypassing JavaScript functions that try to disable a mouse's right-click context menu functionality, and the radio stream information gathered from the Properties function of Windows Media Player.

Submission LAMP Bottleneck Solutions: Apache and PHP

IdaAshley writes: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP form the basis of the LAMP architecture for Web applications. This article focuses on steps you can take to optimize Apache and PHP, because as the load on an application increases, the bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure become more apparent in the form of slow response to user requests.

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