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Comment Home automation in my new apartment (Score 1) 336

Just got mine delivered a few weeks ago with products from Bticino (

They provide services such as:

  - Temperature adjustment (2 zones, from floor heating)
  - Light control (individual/all)
  - Window shutters control (individual/all)
  - Instant power readings (light and regular)
  - Power consumption graphs/stats
  - RJ45 plugs compatible with phone/internet with space reserved for your internet box
  - Heating/cooling scenarios
  - Reachable via smartphone app

As an unexpected bonus, all light switch have small LEDs embedded -- green when in use, orange when off. It makes it easier to find them in the complete dark.

So far it's been working quite well. You can easily monitor your power consumption patterns and adjust it to catch the high/low cost periods of the electricity provider.

Comment Fighting SPAM... (Score 1) 333

... shutting down all domains that have a non-responsive/non-working abuse@ handler in their whois?

I'm tired of Korean/Chinese/Pakistanese/South America spam sources these days. Is there a way to get a rather complete list of IP blocks per country?

I do not have business with these countries, the net impact on my activities would be close to 0.

Comment I used to be a Firefox fan (Score 3, Informative) 585

... but I keep my Firefox up and use hundreds of tabs/day (opening/closing),

In the end, the memory leaks of FF6.0.x just made me switch to Chrome. I would eventually plateau around 2.2GB of RAM (peak 2.5GB) with few tabs open, system crawling down to slow pace, *seconds* of waiting before a click makes FF react at all, Flash video pausing every 12s or so. PDF viewing freezing all tabs. Unusable.

I'll give FF7 a try though.It's "only" at 600MB right now (1GB peak) with the same usage pattern.

Comment Confused here (Score 1) 137

All the Data Centers I have been working at (USA and Singapore) had some kind of lounge/relaxing room with games, food vending machines, coffees, meeting rooms you can rent, showers, etc. Maybe they just forgot to mention it to their existing customers? Or maybe Equinix (not my company) is doing a better job at taking care of their customers? And they're still aiming at 30% yearly ROE, I can't see where a few dedicated rooms would hurt the bottom line so much.


Submission + - Most web security certificates expired today

generikz writes: Looks like one of the certification bodies made a boo-boo and dropped most of their certificates. As of Sun. March 8th 4:30pm, GMail (expired on 02/05/2009 12:02), Bonanzle (expired on 01/05/2009 16:39) or Paypal (expired on 02/05/2009 18:59) do not have a valid certificate anymore. Unless you allow for an unsecure connection, these websites are off limit until they fix the problem and regenerate new certificates.

Comment Re:If you're going to live in the US ... (Score 1) 1021

I am a French Engineer (so, although I haven't been back to my country for a while, it's still handy) and the French educational system will make sure you study at least 2 more foreign languages plus Greek or Latin optionally.

11 years of German -> never used it, German speak good English

7 years of English -> use it every day

5 years of Japanese -> ended up working between Europe and Japan for years

2 years of Latin -> I liked it for a while but really can't see the added value except teach you a bit of history and high strict grammar rules

Today Mandarin might be a better choice but getting a decent level of Japanese doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

My Canadian-Vietnamese friend married a Japanese woman, his 2 kids are already speaking English, Vietnamese, French and Japanese at home. They're currently taking Mandarin lessons. They're 6 and 8. The next generation will be scary smart with languages!


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