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Comment: Re:Never finish (Score 1) 172

He seemed equally annoyed anytime he got asked about why it was taking so long to get the next book out (A Dance With Dragons was long overdue at that point). He basically went off on how entitled the fans acted thinking he was a monkey who should dance to their tune and produce things on their schedule.

That sort of prima donna act, combined with the ridiculously wait between Feast and Dance, was basically what killed my interest in the series. When he was doing his tour for the fourth book (Feast), he claimed that the book was too big to be bound properly, and would have to be split into two books, and the spectacularly mediocre Feast for Crows was the first one we got: the next one would follow shortly behind. Then years of ass-thumbing. By the time Dance came out, I didn't have any emotional investment in the story anymore.

Comment: Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 427

by geminidomino (#48939305) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

Then they need to STFU about it in the context of broadband service, which literally *could not exist* in any meaningful sense in an actual free market. Without the government forcing property owners to let them sink poles, run wires, etc.., a "free market" would require every provider to make contracts with the owner of every property between the central office and the endpoint -- good luck with that.

Comment: Re: first to post Clockwork Orange (Score 2) 79

by geminidomino (#48926595) Attached to: Inside the Largest Virtual Psychology Lab In the World

And you're exactly the kind of person I'm referring to. If I invite someone over for a dinner party and they decide to piss on my couch "Becuz freedum," then they're going to be removed, bodily, and not allowed back.

Your rights end where others' begin. And I'm not referring to the non-existent "right to not be offended", before you start bleating about that. I'm referring to the game owners' right to decide who they want to invite into their game - aka "Free Association".

If they don't want their game associated with narcissistic little shits (which, let's be frank, LoL et al have been for a long time), they have that right as much to do so, as you do to spew your attention-whoring drivel: they're not stopping you from sharing your inane little opinions, which would be "censorship:" they're just making you get your own fucking microphone.

Comment: Re:The problem is apps (Score 1) 300

by geminidomino (#48924745) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

I was actually considering a Surface for a brief moment, since to this day, I'd really love to have Writer's Cafe on my Transformer, but it wouldn't run Windows desktop apps, even lightweight ones. I get the whole "different cpu architecture" issue, but seriously, that's the ONE feature that would make a Windows tablet compelling: without it, why bother?

Comment: Re: All the efforts to correct virtual "abuse" (Score 1) 79

by geminidomino (#48924449) Attached to: Inside the Largest Virtual Psychology Lab In the World


You're an idiot who can't differentiate between "existence" and "action," and it's because of simpletons like you that the SJWs you hate so much are able to continue to spread their hate, hypocrisy, and propaganda and keep their credibility among the other idiots, who parrot their own bullshit memes right back in and endless cycle of reality-defying masturbation.

Comment: Re:first to post Clockwork Orange (Score 3, Insightful) 79

by geminidomino (#48924275) Attached to: Inside the Largest Virtual Psychology Lab In the World

Except it's not terribly insightful, nor is it particularly truthful. There's a big gap between "abridging freedom of speech" and "not giving assholes a platform for their bullshit." Let them provide their own, with hookers and blackjack, etc.etc.

It's not any different dropping spammers and that asshole who keeps trying to dictionary attack your SSH teergrube into a blocklist: crying "censorship" because you get smacked down for behaving like a tit isn't "insightful," it just makes you look like a 12 year old.

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