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Comment: Peer Support Groups For SWAM Victims (Score 1) 1

by gellenbogen (#44631925) Attached to: LinkedIn 'Blacklist' Censors Thousands of Legitimate Users
SWAM support group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn SWAM (Site Wide Auto Moderation) Support group on Google+

We have an open LinkedIn SWAM group on Facebook at

+ - LinkedIn 'Blacklist' Censors Thousands of Legitimate Users-> 1

Submitted by sholto
sholto (1149025) writes "Had trouble posting to LinkedIn Groups lately? You may have been SWAMed. Back in December LinkedIn massively upgraded the power of the moderator's Block and Delete button so that if you're blocked from one group you are placed in Site Wide Auto-Moderation – your posts must be approved in every group you belong to.

The kicker: LinkedIn decided not to tell moderators about that little change, and there's no appeals process even for mistakes. SWAMed LinkedIn users aren't happy."
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