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Comment: Calistan needs to nationalize everything (Score 0) 139

by gelfling (#48576125) Attached to: California Sues Uber Over Practices

Or whatever the state equivalent of that is. Simply take everything unto the state, tax everything and 100%. Problem solved. By the way there's no way to hire a 'real' cab by me where the driver doesn't speak ONLY French or ONLY Spanish. So.....good going. That's fucking awesome.

And remember to down mod me, please.

Comment: Just criminalize then. (Score 0) 280

by gelfling (#48563529) Attached to: Utilities Face Billions In Losses From Distributed Renewables

States will make it illegal or tax the shit out of it the same way several states criminalized homemade biodiesel and/or charge people a mileage road tax in lieu of gasoline taxes. Of course in the case of utilities they will shape it as 'public safety' and 'a reliable network' but that's nonsense. Anyway in most states the utilities get to pick their own regulatory boards which is why rates go up to whatever the utilities want.

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