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Comment Re:People who like systemd (Score 1) 416


Here is how they used systemd to patch Heartbleed without rebooting (they were running 5000 nginx instances on one box):

restarting process / containers and counting processes as servers but claiming to not reboot is cheating.

If you call a container a server and restart the container process you rebooted it. If you count processes as servers... well... its not.

Comment Re:Free speech zone (Score 1) 416

Dont lose the init script skills. When systemd hits those enterprise stacks with software from long since gone vendors someone will have to support it.

It is going to be interesting to watch. I currently work at a Fortune 100 and the only groups even remotely close to adopting systemd / rhel7 are in R n D ... the stable money maker systems wont convert or even think about it for a few years.... if ever.

Comment Re:Impossible with #6 or lesser shotgun shot (Score 2) 528

I have driven my drone into walls.... trees ... $other...blades didnt break... only time i broke the drone was flying in 30mph winds and dove wrong into the concrete driveway ...the arm holding the blade on broke... blade didnt :) .... a small pellet or two from a shotgun isnt going to take it down at 200 feet

Comment Re:Infectious diseases ... (Score 1) 493

Legal recourse because someone doesnt choose to follow your medical practices ?

Going to sue nature for making the sicknesses next ?

Vaccines are a reactive system that works on yesterdays problems. If you aren't healthy enough to survive in nature without being vaccinated then nature will kill you. Non vaccinated people have nothing to do with your inability to fight off sicknesses.

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