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Comment: Re:More to the story? (Score 1) 405

by geekoid (#47812495) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

- He was suspended due to a "bizarre" four page letter that he wrote to county officials, that raised mental health concerns.
- He has not been arrested, and is not being charged with any offence
- It does not appear that his mental health evaluation was mandatory or coerced in anyway other than as a condition of returning to work.

Is it that journalism doesn't exist, or that you just don't know how to use google?

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by geekoid (#47812351) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

Because it fits their narrative.

They same thing for everyone who just immediately gets outraged, then when presented with actual facts, they deride said facts. Often even getting angrier.

The first thing you do if you value actual critical thinking is point that at your sacred cows and do some slaughtering.

Comment: Re:Hm. (Score 1) 469

He isn't a posturing light weight.

What should he do about issues in another country, about a different country, that impacts Europe?

Europe had the chance to stop him, but the were to afraid their economy might not grow as fast as they like if they did.

China? WTF about China?
ISIS? he has the same problem every world leader has. ISIS isn't a country. It's a group of people. Maybe the next time an unarmed person gets killed by a cop, Europe should send it troupes? OR after the bombing in Boston, how would you have felt if China sent in troupes to fix the problem?

Grow the fuck up and learn to deal with complex problems like a thinking adult.

Nothing that you list is anyway the US's fault, much less Obama's fault.

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A) That's not what happened
B) There are better places for it
C) How is not putting a widely circulated piece on Slashdot burying ones head in the sand?

" Departments of Defence[sic] routinely engage in offence at the drop of a hat. We routinely see far more aggressive language coming out of the White House."
blatantly false, but the exact kind of stupid that comes from /. regarding politics or economics.
So not only is it not nerd news, it a completely waste of time.

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Plus, it will make it extremely difficult for them to move gas trough the country.
The warning was a threat to anyone intervening.
Had Europe sucked it up and take the economic hit and did hard santion agains putie and his cronies before they moved their money, none of this wold be happening.

IN the US , we have more important things to deal with, like what the president is wearing *rolls eyes*

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