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Comment: Re:Proof? (Score 1) 759

by geekoid (#47511913) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

"Just last night I was told I was going to be raped, along with my mother, for beating someone in a fighting game. "
Did they text that to your person phone? Did they tell you they are going to kill o and include the make and model of your car?
No? probably not the same thing then.

"you know that this is the internet we live on"
Maybe we should try to make it better? nah, lets just give up and shrug our shoulders.

" I implore everyone to provide proof of their allegations"
I agree. It's critical.

"before labeling it as a systemic issue.
it is a systemic issue, and it's pretty well documented. There is a difference between A threat, and a systemic issue of threats within a community.

"and I don't enjoy being falsely stuck in to a harasser category because I work in tech and have a penis but won't label myself a 'feminist'."
knee jerk much? no one is doing that, get over yourself.

" Furthermore, I feel that articles like this with claims but no evidence will just make people shy away from hiring Women for fear they are going to start claiming harassment when there is none."
did you read the article? Nothing in your post seems to indicate you did.

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by geekoid (#47511827) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

She has death threats sent to her phone. This isn't just an internet forum issue, and it isn't just her.
I have a daughter, she gets iot, her friends get it, I know 45 year old women who get attacked like this.

You're attitude is a large part of the problem. You have substituted actual think with some sort of ad hom.

It is industry wide, gaming culture wide.

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by geekoid (#47511805) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Incorrect. You jump to some really broad interpretation of the article really fast. Maybe this hits a little to close to your behavior?

Women are harassed, viciously by men.
Not all men. But it's there and people like you just turn a blind eye and use excuses to be offended at a women pointing out this issue.
This is text messages, threats emailed to you, men send death threats that include personal informaiton, like what kind of car and location.
And it isn't uncommon., in that every woman will experiences it often.

"This woman thinks I'm asshole with no self-control for no other reason than because I have a penis. "
there is nothing in the article that implies that, you are reading into it as a reason to be insulted. Because outrage is easier then trying to help.

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