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Comment: Re:Those days are gone (Score 1) 638

by geeknado (#26668153) Attached to: If Windows 7 Fails, Citrix (Not Linux) Wins
I'm in partial agreement with you here-- XP/someLinuxFlavor on my old machines, Vista/Ubuntu dual boot on the newest one-- but, having played with Windows 7, I think that those of us with Vista may see a "real" reason to upgrade. As has been widely reported, the beta version is pretty solid and performs well on older hardware /with/ the glitz features like Aero. Assuming this holds true for the release as well, I expect a fair percentage of those using Vista will indeed upgrade.

Comment: Re:Why does Obama support this? (Score 1) 271

by geeknado (#26655303) Attached to: More Claims From NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice
Not if he delivers on his promises within a reasonable window of time or can defer blame for his lack of delivery to a reticent congress. The very fact that we're talking about his prospects for re-election _10 days_ after he assumed office illustrates why it's so difficult for politicians to do anything meaningful. Yes, no one's life is magically better because Obama is now in power. This is in no way a surprise.

Apple Sued Over iPhone Browser 225

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the just-this-once-then dept.
SpuriousLogic writes "A Los Angeles real estate developer is suing Apple for patent infringement over the way the iPhone navigates Web sites. The suit, which was filed on behalf of EMG Technology, seeks unspecified damages. EMG Technology is a company that holds the patents of Elliot Gottfurcht, the real estate developer, as well as Marlo Longstreet and Grant Gottfurcht. The company claims that the iPhone infringes on patent 7,441,196 — a patent that was approved only last month, after a filing process that began on March 13, 2006. That patent is for an invention that displays 'on-line content reformatted from a webpage in a hypertext markup language (HTML) format into an extensible markup language (XML) format to generate a sister site.' This sister site is a simplified version of the original site that is then displayed on any number of devices — including cell phones, EMG says."

Comment: Re:Complete-the-line with a pen (Score 1) 709

by geeknado (#25660413) Attached to: In the U.S. election just ended, I voted ...
Yeah, you'd think that, but here in VA(and NC too, from what I understand), somehow a large quantity of ballots got damp, which prevented the optical scanners from reading them successfully. My sister, for instance, had to leave her vote in a stack next to the scanner, trusting that they'd do it later...

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".