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Comment: Re:Codeword (Score 1) 479 479

why riddle the caller? Just have some voice controlled computer asking the basics like "did you try to turn it off and on again" with the shortcut of saying "yes" before the sentence is completed (a computer is not annoyed by this). Then you will enter enough information like "yes, it says 'timeout' every time" for the real support guy.

Voice controlled tools are nice gadgets, but can't beat a good troubleshooter, even on the phone.
Intuition, senses...

user: Yes the application says 'timeout' every time.
Support: That ticking sound I hear in the background 'tick..tick..tick..tick' does it come from you're computer
User: Yes
Support: If this is recent behavior, you're hard disk is probably crashing. You need to visit a hardware store and come back for applicative support after fixing that.

Comment: First Tier Support (Score 1) 479 479

Most of the Service Desk Agents staffing first tier support are not technical.

Be nice, answer their questions and ask polite to be transferred to 2-Tier support on the end of the script.
1-Tier support tends to be less cooperative when you're starting to yell and accusing them for lack of knowledge. Treat them as human beings, but let them understand you know what you are talking about. Be as cooperative as required from the service desk.You get much more...
Otherwise there is the risk you do not get proper support.

1-Tier, 2-Tier, 3-Tier, Incident Manager, Problem Manager: been there, done that.

If you don't get to 2-Tier support or a solution, open a complaint ticket. Any mature organization accepts complaints through the service desk and will handle them as it is a regulated procedure.

Real life:
Me: My ADSL modem doesn't synchronize anymore. I've already checked and double-checked cabling and made a hardware reset.
SD: Funny I see you're modem connected.
Me: Hmmmm... The modem is not connected to AC power nor it is connected to the PSTN line. Would you be so kind to transfer me to 2-Tier please?
SD: hold on.... transferring to 2-Tier

Comment: Re: Two things (Score 1) 247 247

Yep, but the country you are residing can make some action a crime or not.
And sometimes it will be hard to find out which law have to be enforced. It can be complicated. Which is my point.
The guy posting on facebook was not aware he was breaking some law. (In my personal opinion, which does not count, he didn't)
Altough it is clear to you which law has to be followed, the road is open for misinterpretations if you can' correctly identify the country which law is applicable.
I guess this is the price of globalisation.

Comment: reports versus dashboards (Score 1) 179 179

A good report is decission tool wich contain data just like a dashboard, but it has also added value by conclusions made by the reporter.
Putting data in the proper context with background info is not easy to do with a dashboard. If one manipulates a dashboard on purpose to tell the story behind the graphics, one is already creating a report.

While driving a car, one needs to know the speed: Dashboard.
Fuel expenses: Report. First 3 days of the month you were driving in the alps, which consumes more fuel then intercity traffic. Without AI, you need a reporter to make this kind of remarks.

Comment: play the game (Score 1) 388 388

I had a similar issue with my provider email account. A guy with nearly an identical name using his email address for bussiness.
My email happened to be a verry comon typo for his address.

So far I had receieved porn, threats, priceropositions.

I created a mailgroup, with all addresses found including his address and forwaded the bulshit blindly.
Threats, porn, price offers, anything..

It finished soon :)

Btw: previously I've mailed the guy to choose another. My address predates his almost 2 years and he was running a bussiness.

Comment: Re:Freetards earn the hate. (Score 1) 246 246

I already own a very small, cheap, computer except mine has a HELL of a lot more computing power than this P.O.S. It's called an "iphone" (perhaps you have heard of it) and hundreds of millions of people already own them and they have been used to do some amazing things like control robots and play music. Wake me when this rasptard pie gets anywhere close to this. But freetards like you don't think they count because for you morons everything has to be under a communist license or some such bullshit.


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