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Comment This proves there's plenty of bandwidth to go arou (Score 1) 106

Service providers continue to maintain that caps are about congestion and infrastructure. This move proves that the network has plenty of bandwidth and is plenty robust. So when the FCC comes calling they can't use this as an excuse for why they have caps on their "unlimited" plans. This type of thing is very hard to defend logically, but I'm sure they'll find a way to make up something that sounds reasonable.

And actually caps of any kind can't be justified by network infrastructure since if there's bandwidth to let everyone download up to, say, 300 GB a month, all at the same time and at full speed, there's bandwidth for everyone to download as much as they want at full speed.

To the new slashdot owners, when you finally get around to supporting utf-8, how about lengthening the subject line to at least another dozen characters!

Comment Put the "read more" link back, better mobile site (Score 3, Informative) 1832

Put the "read more" link back after the story summary. Also put the comment count down there again. See soylent news for an example of how it use to be.

Also a couple of years ago slashdot had a wonderful mobile site that looked very much like the desktop site, but was extremely functional (commenting, moderating, filtering comments, everything). The latest mobile site is useless as far as I'm concerned. In fact I the desktop site is more usable on a phone than the current mobile site. Slashdot is not Ars Technica. Slashdot *is* the comments. The stories are just there to spur discussion.

Comment Re:All for free!!!! (Score 1) 150

Also any regenerative hardware will have to be physically attached to the wheels adding all kinds of rational inertia to the wheels. Landing is already hard on wheels as they go from a dead stop to spinning in a second. The generator hardware would make the tires take more load during this critical moment.

Comment Re:So Much LUDD.. (Score 2) 150

Yes, but that point is farther in the future than most people who are pushing batteries will admit. Internal combustion engines of all kinds will be viable for years to come. Even with the thermal efficiency capped by the laws of physics, the energy density of hydrocarbons is so great and the infrastructure to handle it so easy, it is still a winner over batteries and electrics. Pollution will always be a concern, though, but CO2 need not be, as hydrocarbons may be a convenient way to store renewable, carbon-neutral energy.

They may be thinking outside the box, but I'm skeptical. The equipment needed to capture braking energy adds weight. Everything is paid for with fuel. Years ago engineers wondered if there was some way to spin the wheels before touchdown, reducing tire wear and heat but they found it just wasn't worth it. I suspect we'll find the same thing here. A better idea may be to have electric vehicles grab the airplane after it exits the runway and pull it to the gate.

Comment Bad article is bad, should feel bad (Score 1) 456

In the tradition of shitty "journalism" at the Verge the author is trying to convince others of something so they can be hailed as a technical prophet.

Microsoft has enough money that they can pour it into Windows Phone for a very long time and not bat an eye. The Windows Phone platform will only die if Microsoft loses interest, not because of poor market performance.

That being said this article is full of weapons grade stupid. It claims that last quarter 400m smartphones were sold yet only 1.1% were Windows Phone devices. That's a small percentage but works out to 4.4m phones. If the ASP (average sale price) is $200 that's almost a billion dollars in revenue for the quarter. While that's nothing compared to Apple's iPhone revenues it's not anywhere close to zero or any number less than zero.

Yet again someone trots out a "market share" number as if it is a meaningful comparison of anything. As has always been the case market share percentages don't need to be large in order for a company to be making money. Apple's "market share" of the overall PC market is likewise small compared to all PC manufacturers yet they make an enviable amount of money off Macs. They make a ridiculous amount of money off the iPhone despite Android "winning" with market share percentage.

You can compare revenue, profit on that revenue, and unit sales. Share percentages are virtually useless when trying to gauge the health of a competitor in a market. They're used by "journalists" that don't want to bother with math or real analysis.

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