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Comment Re:Someone has (Score -1) 270

You cut the lid off a kuerig official coffee and hot glue it to your reusable screen cup. Look for the one with the black dot on them that say Kuerig .. or just any kcup that brewed a cup in your 2.0. Works fine. Of course since this is DRM, I would never do such a thing, but I've "read" it works fine.

Comment Re:Some BMWs (Score -1) 195

Yes, BMW is very easy (I'm one of the Bimmerfest devotees). For BMW just get a JB4 or any of the many piggyback, custom rom, or even replacement roms and your done. The thing nobody has really mentioned in this thread though is that all you need to do is look up CanBus, or which ever protocol your car brand uses, get yourself a compatible 2-way ODB2 cable, and hack away... Most all cars are hackable now. This is /. right? I mean if the OP wanted to just buy a chip he(or she) wouldn't have asked for "hackable". My Bimmer is set up now so when I press the fob for lock, it locks the doors, rolls up the windows, closes the sunroof, and foldsz in the mirrors. Unlock short click unlocks doors and unfolds mirrors. long click reverses everything with windows down too. That's just a sample of whats easily done with a small amount of homework. Lights, etc... are all there to play with.

Comment We're sorry Mr. Smith (Score 0) 264

We're sorry your son was killed while being taken to custody Mr. Smith. He was resisting. No, there won't be any repercussions as the officer said he was acting in his own self defense. Camera? Oh, no ma'am we have no footage, while it is department policy to turn it on before any confrontation, the officer forgot to turn it on. He will be given 2 weeks paid suspension. ... Yeaaawn

Comment From the story... (Score -1, Funny) 97

" UPDATED 7:15 PM -- "This is a big one. For the last 22 years I've been involved in the repair and the rehabilitation of sinkholes." -- Rehabilitation? What does he train them to enable them to have more opportunity? So when they do have to face life on the outside they can maybe become a Pot Hole, or better yet, a swimming hole, and having a positive impact to society. If this program had better funding, I'm sure repeat offenders like this would not have to resort to the old ways.

Comment Make a real assesment (Score 5, Insightful) 308

First thing to do is complete a real analysis of the code and report to management with an estimate to re-write complete sections of the code. Go into it realistically and tell them up front what it will take to correct things, and why. I have been in this situation several times in my career and that has always been the best approach. There is no need to "knock" the other guys code (be positive, never the mudslinger) and done correctly, would look more like you have some fresh ideas that may not have been designed into it originally. Eother way, management wants to know what to expect and having realistic expectations as soon as possible will save everyones face in the loing term. If they feel your out of line, well, then it's time to look at all those other jobs your contemplating.

Comment all this really is (Score -1) 256

First, the US is delaying its test because it doesn't want it to be misunderstood and provoke an attack on S. Korea. Thats probably all. The whole threatening thing is for the most part a show to justify the continued militarization of N.K. and also to solidify the new regime's power over the people and gain their trust.

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