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Comment: Re:Embarcadero cheap? (Score 0) 132

by gbrandt (#45529509) Attached to: Speed Test 2: Comparing C++ Compilers On WIndows

Quoting a lower ranked answer because I use 64 bit Embarcaderos compiler and find it quite nice.

"Hmm, I looked at their website and see prices from $999 to $3999. The 64 bit compiler is included at the $999. Looks like all kinds of enterprise database stuff is in the $3999 version."


+ - Russia And China Withdraw Bid for Internet Control->

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judgecorp writes: "Russia, China and other nations have withdrawn proposals to take control over the Internet within their borders. The proposals, handed to the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) on Friday, caused widespread dismay and protest. The WCIT event in Dubai, run by the UN agency ITU, is working on new International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) which are due for their first revision since the emergence of the mass Internet. The line-up of nations wanting to formalise their power to restrict the Internet included Russia, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and Egypt. Their proposal has been withdrawn without explanation, an ITU spokesperson confirmed."
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+ - Nano-sandwich material claimed to boost solar cell efficiency by 175 percent-> 1

Submitted by cylonlover
cylonlover writes: One of the main reasons that solar cells aren’t more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity is because much of that sunlight is reflected off the cell, or can’t be fully absorbed by it. A new sandwich-like material created by researchers at Princeton University, however, is claimed to dramatically address that problem – by minimizing reflection and increasing absorption, it reportedly boosts the efficiency of organic solar cells by 175 percent.
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Comment: Re:Maps sure, but what about the OS? (Score 1) 451

by gbrandt (#41490413) Attached to: Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes For Maps App, Recommends Alternatives

I logged in just for this!

Did your 2.5 year old device stop working. Has it become a brick because you can't load iOS 6 onto it.

I don't think so, it still has ALL of the functionality that you paid for originally.

Apple did not promise extra functionality when you purchased it and is not required to supply extra functionality.

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