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by gbjbaanb (#46764837) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24

There is - but its very boring.

You generally look at the map from a distance, grouping your units into manageable armies. Then your entire interface looks more like a few points on a map and a spreadsheet as the relevant army stats are displayed in a grid.

This is the way real life Command and control interfaces are designed. A police 911 dispatcher will manage individual units rather than armies, but they will still need access to their stats (eg what equipment and training the unit has), their location and the location of any event (and the details of said location).

If you want to compare that to SC, you'll see it way different - much less frantic, which is important as you don't want the operator to be overwhelmed with information. You want them to see the "bigger picture" so they can plan the resource allocation effectively, calmly and with thought.

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Oh I am not a libertarian. I just point out that most people in high office are psychopaths with their own pushing ambition and lack of care for anyone who gets in the way of their own agendas.

This applies to men and women, but as the topic concerned a woman abusing her position to push her own agenda, I felt it was unnecessary to mention psycho male execs too.

Most women do like "feminine" jobs, hence the number of women in nursing, childcare and similar.

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only the "executive" women are the ones who can't hack real-world jobs. Don't belittle most women by comparing them to these self-appointed attention whores.

The fact is that most women prefer different jobs, more social ones like teaching or nursing. These are valuable jobs that have a disproportionate amount of men in them too,, there's always more calls for men in primary schools for example, but strangely never any outreach programmes for male primary teachers.

So girls don't like working in computing... so what. There are plenty other careers available.

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It is the preferred solution... unfortunately.

Try the Windows Web Services alternative (a compatible system designed by the Windows team, significantly faster and less memory intensive).

I also thought the new preferred way to write back-end services was to sue the REST toolkit that came out with VS2013 (ex codename casablanca). WCF is only still around because the ,NET devs don't have much of an alternative, that's all.

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but a unit test wouldn't show this up - nobody would write a test, testing that the function worked, and start looking at external impacts of that function.

For this to be caught using testing, you'd need a fairly good coverage integration test. Unit tests are just too focussed on small things. They prove the unit works as expected, they never consider interaction with other parts of the overall system.

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