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Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 3, Insightful) 193

The problem is inherent in many systems so you will always make a mistake until the day that you put all your queries into stored procedures.

Treat the DB as a generic object pool of crap and it'll be that. Treat it like its a precious storage system with its own (customisable) API and you'll do far better.

But of course, slapping SQL together in the client and sending it to the DB to parse and execute is so much easier everyone does it.

Comment Re:Bad move! (Score 1) 316

Same here - they were a great idea and despite them not getting the user base they deserve (which is perhaps understandable considering they're not an in-your-face UI thing) they do serve the needs of some people very well indeed.

And maybe this is the point - if you remove all the functionality that is not used by the ordinary user, then you'll end up with a browser that is suited solely for the ordinary user.

I use tab groups a work, my lunchtime browsing is kept tucked away for lunchtime, and then I return to work and whatever work-related pages I happen to have open.

I don;t mind them removing the functionality as it is, but I'd like to see the "hide this set of tabs" and replace with a new set - even if they implemented it as a auto-saved temporary bookmark group..

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 594

Ha, but neither did you say you were against making Muslims wear identifying symbols... you republican racist!!!!!!!111!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!

Its one thing to hassle somebody with questions on the street at no notice with a microphone shoved up their ass, but then to take nothing he said and spin it into some OMG story is just purely the worst kind of "journalism".

I don't mind attacking Trump on what he thinks and says, but to attack him on what he didn't say is getting to be silly. Ever wonder why politicians refuse to say anything - this is why, whatever they do say will be picked apart and turned into something else by journos trying to make a story.

Comment Re:systemd deprecation warning (Score 1) 572

This is the first I've heard about the reason systemd is so wonderful and a worthy replacement for init. My question is - seeing a systemd has been in development for years, and cloud containers only a new thing, why is containerisation suddenly being given as the reason systemd was developed?

Could it be happy coincidence that systemd suddenly finds itself a problem that it happens to solve? Or couldn't they have said all this way back in the day to get people on board and prevent the arguments?

Comment Re: The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

systemd wasn't properly making sure that networking was up before attempting to start aiccu

I thought that was the point of systemd - to do this kind of initialisation 'better' than other systems that required custom scripts. I guess its a system management thing now then...

Comment Re:Why "IoT" security is so critical (Score 2) 148

Fridges work by being a closed air-con unit, as part of that process they draw moisture out of the air. Bread, placed in a fridge therefore goes stale quicker.

To keep bread, either freeze it (and let it slowly defrost at air temperature to get it back to best condition) or put it in a closed container like a bread bin. Or buy bread so laced with chemicals that there's hardly any flour used in its production.

Comment Re:So, Java? (Score 1) 126

thought it wouldn't take long for the "Its not Java, its the browser plugin, Java is perfect and can do no wrong". posts to appear.

Take a look at the list of affected products - scroll down a fair bit to the Java specific vulnerability list, particularly those marked with note 2:

Applies to client and server deployment of Java. This vulnerability [...] can also be exploited by supplying data to APIs in the specified Component without using sandboxed Java Web Start applications or sandboxed Java applets, such as through a web service.

Which means and Java program that responds to network connectivity, such as every Java server (and every Java client that talks on the internet) out there. So its not enough to remove the browser plugin, you need to patch Java everywhere. Everywhere.

Don't forget to patch your Oracle database, or Oracle CRM, Siebel, Peoplesoft, too... it has Java components that are affected. Oh yes, MySQL too which has 2 remotely exploitable vulnerabilities.

Comment Re:What if we make them legally responsible for bu (Score 1) 126

Probably none of them - however, we would see every software product instantly bereft of its internet stack, no connectivity to anything except the system it was run on.

I agree we need to do more to protect systems, but we should do this with education and standardised connectivity libraries and similar systems rather than draconian penalties.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 554

I think the point is that you turn up at the charger - put your card in and say "bill me for the time I'm here", and someone else comes along unplugs you and put it into their car - you pay for their time and don't get a charge!

If the plug was locked while charging that'd be something, but then when you're 100% charged, you'd really like it to unlock so someone else can have a go with it.

Its a tricky thing that will require a fair bit of thought to get right. Until then, I will buy the popcorn and go watch the hipster 'fights'. Think there's money to be made uploading the videos to youtube?

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