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Comment Re:Asylum-seeker flood is destroying Europe (Score 1) 965

Most of the asylum seekers in EU are not from Syria. In Finland only about 3 percent are from Syria (the average in EU is about 25 percent, if I remember correctly). The rest of the people are coming from all kinds of places, like Afganistan, Iraq (BTW, the population of Baghdad alone is over 7 million persons, so it has much larger population than the whole Finland), Somalia, Nigeria etc. And the population of developing countries is growing by tens of millions yearly and they aren't able to take care of this rapidly growing population and it starts to overflow to Europe.

And in your calculation, you failed to take into account the family reunification (and the fact that the migrants will make their babies as well). Family unification alone, can easily multiple the number of persons coming (as the family size in Muslim countries is often quite large) and so will making babies. And even if we didn't take all this into account, I would find it a pretty big change that during my lifetime I would become a minority in my own country which would be then a Muslim country. Most of the persons so far have been men and I am pretty sure that very large percentage of them either already have a wife (and children) or will bring a wife from Muslim countries and make children during their lives.

Comment Re:Asylum-seeker flood is destroying Europe (Score 1) 965

Is much more than just half a million. And there is no end in sight and the number of persons coming, is increasing constantly. And on top of that, the asylum seekers are very unevenly divided between the EU countries. They aren't interested going to the poorest EU countries.

For example in Finland, at the moment the average number of persons coming to the country is several hundreds a day, even though we are about the most distant country. You can compare to the birth rate which is about 150 babies a day. And you have to multiply that number because of family reunions. At this speed Finns are going to be minority in Islamic country within relative short time even if the immigrants didn't make any babies and much faster as in reality they too make babies. However, before that happens, the economy is going to collapse, which might slow down to flood.

The population of Finland is about 5.5 million. And now Russia is about to start pouring several hundreds of asylum seekers over the border to Finland (before this, most of the asylum seekers came trough several EU states to Finland) as a method to pressure Finland on knees.

Comment Asylum-seeker flood is destroying Europe (Score 2, Insightful) 965

I have said it before and I say it now: This current flow of asylum-seekers to Europe is unsustainable and is destroying Europe. This terrorism is just one example of it.

Several European countries are on verge of war. Angela Merkel and the foreign minister of Luxembourg have both said this, although I disagree with their idea that allowing the flood continue would prevent those wars. Letting the flood continue just makes problems worse.

The other thing is the the flood is so heavy that in many countries there isn't free buildings available anymore. And the costs of providing social security etc is going to cost enormous sums of money which simply is not available for long term. And we know that the employment rates of these immigrants are extremely low even during good economic times and at the moment economy in not in that good shape, unemployment rates are already high etc.

Comment Re:Bad taste (Score 1) 196

These diversity campaigns that are forced down our throats are very annoying and can make the workplace hostile to me. Why should I feel guilty if members of some minorities tend to be less interested in technology than I am, just because I happen to be a white male? As far as I know, I haven't done anything to keep them out and I have instead helped many women and non-white persons. Should I quit my job or commit harakiri? Or am I redeemed, because I also happen to be a gay (and thus a member of an oppressed minority), unlike those privileged heterosexual women?

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 578

The estimates I have seen, have been about 500 000 - 1000 000 EUROs, not SEK. BTW, it has been estimated that a native Finnish person who is unemployed most of his life, will cost about 1000 000 euros during lifetime. And the employment rate of Iraqis and Somalis is very low, about 15 percent, in Finland. So it is unsurprising that the cost level is roughly in the same ballpark with so low employment rates.

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 578

At least studies in Norway and Sweden show that on average, humanitarian immigrant causes lifetime net cost of about 500 000-1000 000 euros despite the fact that some of them manage to get employed. It means that 1000 humanitarian immigrants costs 500-1000 millions, 100 000 humanitarian immigrants cost 50-100 billion etc. And at the current speed, the numbers are soon rising to several hundreds of thousands persons quite fast, with no end in sight and we are talking about relatively small countries which are providing social security for them.

For example, for some time the number of asylum seekers from Sweden to Finland was typically about 1000 persons a day, which means 365 000 persons a year. The population of Finland is about 5.5 millions, the number of babies born during a year in Finland is under 60 000 persons, the number of already unemployed persons is 222 000 and the unemployment percentage is about 8,3. The size of governmental budget is about 55 billions and the budget deficit is even before this flood several billions a year. We have had persons from Iraq and Somalia for about 20 years here and their employment percentages have remained at around 15 percent even during good economic times and now Finland is in severe economical problems and having all kinds of austerity measures.

At the moment the number of new persons coming to Finland is about 300-400 persons a day (109500-14600 during year), maybe because we are tightening the rules and asylum policies, but it is still completely unsustainable on the long term. The total tax rate is already 44,5 %, and we cannot raise it over to 100 %. And even something near 100 % would cause the economy to collapse. And the costs for providing social security was already 66 billions (part of it is covered by municipality instead of government) in 2014, before the flood of asylum seekers really started.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 3, Insightful) 578

It's not only the housing but costs for providing social security is unsustainable with the current flow of asylum seekers. It doesn't take more just few years and even 100 % taxation wouldn't be enough to provide social security for these asylum seekers. Although some of the asylum seekers may be able to find jobs, the traditional levels of employment have been very low for many of these groups (for example, the biggest asylum seeker groups in Finland are Iraqis and Somalis and even during better economic times, they have had about 15 % employment (not unemployment) rate).

And within surprisingly short time, the local population would become minority, unless the social security system collapses before that and the flood of asylum seekers stops. And if history tells something, it quite often means very bad times for the original population (e.g. Palestinians, Indians, Aboriginals etc).

I am afraid that if it this flood is not stopped in one way or another soon, there will chaos or even wars in large parts of Europe.

Comment Re:Kickstarter Goals? (Score 1) 98

Reaching Kickstarter goal is not a good measure by itself. Reaching Kickstarter goal more often could mean that women just put their Kickstarter goals to more modest level than men do. Women tend to ask lower wages than men and it could be that women put their goals on Kickstarter to lower level than men do.

Comment Re:Secret trial to hide evidence of torture? (Score 1) 240

Here are some news which mentioned that the reason why UK wanted to have secret trials seems to be mainly because it wants to avoid revealing scandals like involvement in crimes against human rights:

Comment Secret trial to hide evidence of torture? (Score 1) 240

Wasn't this whole secret trials system invented in order to hide the scandals that UK was directly involved with the torture of of the prisoners? One of the cases mentioned when this system was planned was the case of Binyam Mohamed, where the torture included making cut to penis and chest with scalpels or razor blades:

Comment Russian lies and excuses (Score 1) 313

I think it was treaty between countries instead of cabinets. Even if the cabinet changes, that should not affect the treaty in any way. And even if there wouldn't be that treaty, annexing parts of other country like that, is illegal.

Almost anything that you heard from Putin or his followers is a outright lie, bad excuse or distortion. Like the lie that it is not his soldiers operating in unmarked uniforms in Crimea or that they have reduced the the number of soldiers on border, waiting to attack Ukraine.

And there was very little threat against Russians speakers in Ukraine. Protecting them was just another excuse. And now Putin is on purpose causing those troubles in eastern parts of Ukraine. Russia is instruction Russian citizens how to go eastern Ukraine an without causing suspicions and then how to get a weapon there, uniform etc.

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