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Comment: FAA has sole jurisdiction (Score 4, Insightful) 68

by gavron (#48625353) Attached to: Councilmen Introduce Bills Strongly Regulating UAV Use in NYC

In the United States the Federal Aviation Administration is the entity with jurisdiction over all airspace SURFACE to SPACE*

This has been discussed on slashdot so many times in the last year wrt drones and FAA authority that it's beating a dead horse.

NY Councilmen can posture and mumble and pass laws all day long but they have no authority over the air.


* Note that this includes surface to 400ft which some people believe is magically exempt from regulation... except the FAA has recently shown it's not.

Comment: Re:Hope he doesn't lose power (Score 1) 56

by gavron (#48596405) Attached to: Raspberry Pi In Space

No, I'm afraid not. (And these are name-brand Class-10 cards).

When the corruption hits the Pi won't boot at all. No grub no kernel no initrd no monitor sync.
A fresh card fixes things. Restoring the image to the old card fixes it too.

We have near 100 of these in the field and while I've bench-powerfailed them to no avail,
out in the real world they die due to fs corruption.


Comment: MODS ARE DICKS (Score 1) 234

by gavron (#48475653) Attached to: Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

Just check - every thread about "nextweb" and its analysis that this blog is incorrect is modded 0 points.

This thread is modded 0 points.

Your note is modded 0 points.

Apparently "sharing the real facts" and "debunking the hysteria" is modded down.
Discussions about how Google/Android are bad, permissions aren't granular, uber is bad, uber has a German name so they must be worse still, etc... those are modded 4-5.

Happy thanksgiving.
Mods - go meta-mod your "peers". They are out of control.



Comment: Military bases have moats (Score 1) 213

by gavron (#48422547) Attached to: Congress Suggests Moat, Electronic Fence To Protect White House

I live in Tucson, Arizona. We have one air-force base and one army national guard base. Both have a moat around them and a fence on both sides of the moat, and a bridge to the inspection station.

Here's a picture of the bridge over the moat.

Note the lack of water. Tucson, Arizona. It's a dry heat.

If it's good enough for military bases, it's good enough for the President. Also Congress. And if they continue to perform so well in representing us, they can be forced to swim it.


Comment: Microsoft has done a TREMENDOUS job (Score -1, Flamebait) 192

by gavron (#48295889) Attached to: Windows 8 and 8.1 Pass 15% Market Share, Windows XP Drops Below 20% Mark

Instead of focusing on the problems in Windows (inherently insecure, a spaghetti mess of trying to make things compatible all the way back to single-user Windows3.1, supporting obsolete drivers that don't respect sandboxing, etc.) and therefore being a magnet to malware of all kinds, people are EXCITED by the "new versions" of window dressing (no pun intended) Microsoft keeps bringing to market.

It's like buying new deck chairs for the Titanic. The color is right. The pillows are fluffy. Who cares if the end result is you drown in a cold dark sea.

Comment: Sierra Nevada - - I love their beer! (Score 1) 127

by gavron (#48011241) Attached to: Sierra Nevada Corp. Files Legal Challenge Against NASA Commercial Contracts

I love their beer!

Really they want to challenge because the government favored Boeing by 1.5B over SpaceX which they favored by 900M over SV?

It's all fair in a corrupt faux government.

Cure the "bitcoin replaces fiat currency and that's what makes the yoke of governments work" music.


Comment: Enjoy the conference and enjoy the show (Score 1) 182

by gavron (#47964843) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

Your description of the work environment sounds great, and it's awesome you recognize and appreciate that. High pay comes with high stress, high responsibility, and worse working conditions. Lower pay comes with less stress, and better working conditions. You have that -- be happy!

Your employer can't pay for you to go to the conference. That they offered to pay for the training (if you get yourself there) is better than zero! Some would call it half-assed but it's all about that glass with water and how you see it.

Treat it as a vacation to Las Vegas (one of the cheaper places to visit) and during that vacation... IF YOU SO CHOOSE you can attend a seminar/conference that your employer is willing to pay for. If you don't, it's a vacation.

Hotels are inexpensive both on and off The Strip. Rental cars are unnecessary but $20/day (seriously). Food is plentiful and cheap so long as you walk through a casino to get to it. Drinks are free while gaming. There are shows all over the place.

If it was my job and I really wanted to attend this conference I'd book a reasonable hotel (I love Mandalay Bay or MGM or Planet Hollywood) close to the conference, get a flight in on a cheap air carrier (American formerly AmericaWest and SouthWest and JetBlue are three popular options), take a $9 shuttle or $20 cab from the airport, and party my little ass off until conference time. I would get myself tickets to see a show or two while out there.

Instead of begging for $$$s, ask who wants to come with and make it into a party-atmosphere for a small group. Well worth digging into the credit-card for the once-in-a-decade experience. Have a bachelor's party/bachelorette party atmosphere without the wedding. Skip the limo :)

Enjoy the trip. Enjoy the show!

Tucson AZ
Full disclosure: I go to Vegas about 4 times a year.

Comment: Clue #1: Nobody calls it Cyber except Doctor Who (Score 2) 103

by gavron (#47923799) Attached to: NSA Director Says Agency Is Still Trying To Figure Out Cyber Operations

While you're looking for "the cyber threats" you might as well just buy a modern dictionary. Nobody calls anything "cyber" anymore and the number two threat is malware... right behind the number on threat... the NSA.

Cyber-think your way out of that one, NSAmen. Time is short. The cybermen are coming.

A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exceptions of handguns and Tequilla. -- Mitch Ratcliffe