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Comment Re:Still waiting for an open-source release... (Score 1) 423

Just dumped my N78 for an Android device (the Desire). Best thing I did, the N78 was buggy (couldn't even use it as an alarm clock properly, there was a bug which meant if the alarm went off while the phone was turned off, later on that day at a random point the date would jump forward by 6 days), slow, and had very few supported apps as it wasn't a sexy touch screen device. The alarm clock thing was reproducible on every single one of the 4 stock Nokia firmwares I put onto it, everyone complained about it, and it still wasn't fixed. Really spoilt my opinion of Nokia as the last couple of Nokias I had were the old 8200 and 8300 which were basic but rock-solid....

Comment Re:Erm, is this really usefull? (Score 2, Interesting) 132

Given the recharge times on electric vehicles it might be very useful to know if it's running out on, say, a Friday morning just after you've left for work via other means and forgotten to check it. That way you have the opportunity to ask someone at home to charge it and prepare for weekend plans. The maintenance thing is probably less useful, but I don't know how good the average American is at following manufacturers service schedules without a little reminder nudge.

Comment Re:Firefox lite. (Score 5, Informative) 464

Chrome has AdThwart. Seems to work almost as well, although I've noticed more "loading then removing" of content with Chrome/AdThwart than I remember from Firefox/AdblockPlus. I think ABP had an option to not load content at all which is probably why I'm seeing the difference but personally as soon as Chrome extensions touched down and AdThwart was written, I uninstalled every instance of Firefox I had so I can't check. It had been on borrowed time for a while but I didn't have a good replacement.

Comment Re:confused (Score 1) 231

You don't say what virtualisation software you're using, but the free (as in beer) version of VirtualBox allows you to use an RDP client to connect to the console of the machine regardless of whether the VM itself is able to run an RDP server. Alternatively, VMWare Server lets you install the client on a machine and connect to the server hosting the VM and send display output over the net. May not be any use to you depending on your stance on open source (as neither of these products are free as in speech, the free-speech version of VirtualBox doesn't have the RDP functionality) but are zero cost options to look into.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - 2 approaches to unlocking an iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: Obviously I can't test this, being in the UK, but The Register has two separate links which claim to unlock Apple's iPhone. One seems to be a simple software app you can buy, the other seems to be a more hardcore approach via serial cable etc, for the geekier crowd.

Any US people brave (or crazy!) enough to try it on their shiny new gadgets?

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