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Comment: Re:I have Bronze blood (Score 1) 97 97

For whatever reason the target recipients did better with their actual blood type. B- being 2% of the population (and half of that being CMV+) put it in high demand in that small audience (which is why I give myself a bronze since my bloods high value has such a narrow focus). Or so they said. All I know is that I donated gallons of the stuff, along with a shit load of platelets, because they said very young children needed it for the above reasons. Sounded good enough for me.

Like you I then I went to Iraq, donated a bunch there, and was told on my return no more blood drives for 5 years.

Comment: Quit ASAP, the severance isn't worth it (Score 1) 614 614

Hedge your bets: keep working/training but look now.

If you get an offer try to negotiate a start date after your release date to grab the severance... but consider that you need to beat your fellow soon-to-be-unemployed colleagues to the remaining jobs in the area, so the few weeks pay is not really worth it.

Too bad all the local employers know what is going on and the well is somewhat poisoned.

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