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Comment: Re:Not used in concentration camps (Score 1) 224

by gatkinso (#49119115) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

It is a valid distinction. Also note that three of the extermination camps employed carbon monoxide. Treblika, Sobibor, and Belzec simply hooked up tank engine exhaust to fake shower rooms (plus there was a place with so called gas vans that were simply moving vans with the exhaust routed into the back of the truck). No fancy chemicals needed.

Comment: "Jumps into our system"???? (Score 1) 576

WTF does that even mean? It is useless speculating about what is unknown or is fiction.

That said, if they were arriving through more conventional means, we would simply see them: some mode of optical detection such as star occultation, sunlight glints, drive flares, and eventually just flat out seeing them via telescope (assuming we were looking).

Also we could hear them: energy discharge from drives, EM transmissions... assuming they communicate as we do.

So far as I know there are no deep space facing military radars - I once worked at the Maui Space Surveillance Site in Hawaii: basically the place is an Air Force observatory with awesome optical trackers and some laser tracking facilities. No massive radars pointing at Alpha Centauri.

Maybe we would get lucking with some ballistic missile early warning radars... but they would be fairly close in at that point.

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