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Comment: Re:Agile - like everything else it is good and bad (Score 1) 208

by gatkinso (#49579835) Attached to: IBM CIO Thinks Agile Development Might Save Company

Well time zones, I would agree with. But I currently work on an Agile product with team members scattered around the US (Eastern Central and Mountain) and it is working pretty well (for an Agile product). Of course, that is not a huge time differential. I used to work on a huge project with team in the eastern US and Hawaii... not agile... and that just sucked.

Comment: I am also a gray beard and I mildly disagree (Score 3, Insightful) 208

by gatkinso (#49579569) Attached to: IBM CIO Thinks Agile Development Might Save Company

I think for smaller projects, on a team with good interpersonal dynamics... Agile can really deliver a decent product fast, in the absence of any real requirements.

But those are the keywords: no requirements, fast, small. I have seem agile projects go right down the toilet also. YMMV.

Comment: The male gave consent... (Score 0) 369

by gatkinso (#49575799) Attached to: Who Owns Pre-Embryos?

...the moment he fertilized her ovum. He is the biological father, he is half responsible for these children if they are born.

He cannot force her to give them up any more than he could force her to abort the fetus or give the child up for adoption.

At this point I ask, "Dude what the FUCK were you thinking?" Could have saved her eggs without fertilizing them.

Comment: Interviewed at Google at age 46 (Score 1) 349

by gatkinso (#49545623) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Didn't get the job - the reason is because their evaluation criteria is heavily skewed on academic CS skills: sorting, data structures, stuff like that. It is a good system, but it tends to filter out guys like me who have been in industry for decades and cannot remember the details of merge sort. They readily admit this aspect - at least they did to me.

Also, the writing code into a shared Google Doc was a bit cumbersome to say the least. Even though my stuff turned out to compile and run (and get the right result... I cut and paste into a dev env afterwards to verify... which I thought to be incredible considering I cold typed it into the equivalent of MS Word) I didn't get the gig. C'est la vie.

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