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Comment: Smaller vs. thinner (Score 1) 151 151

Used to be everything got smaller and smaller. Then they realized... no, people don't really want or need small. So then everything gets bigger and bigger. No where else to go so they decide to make thinner. Why? Sorry, that's beyond me.
But if they make it thinner they can't have a replaceable batt. And it seems more and more companies are pushing the thinner and not really stating you can't replace the batt.

Comment: Re:This problem needs a technical solution (Score 1) 268 268

Agreed. On the other hand... what plane can't tolerate a drone strike? Not really up on drones but seems to me the vast majority are smaller and lighter than a lot of birds. Bird strikes obviously aren't good if they hit an engine. But outside of that I'm trying to figger out what the major problem is. So did the drone encroach the planes airspace or did the plane encroach the drones airspace?

Comment: Distressingly easy? Not yet. BUT... (Score 2) 165 165

There will come a day when some clown, nut, terrorist, whatever will stand on a bridge over a highway and push a button on his remote. And all cars will speed up and turn left. When there is no left turn. Computerizing creature comforts in a car makes sense. Computerizing, engine, brakes and things that can kill you... well, what are they thinking?

Comment: So far... why? (Score 2) 230 230

About the only thing I can think of that a 3D printer would be useful for would be to replace a little leg that you might break off of your keyboard. Or maybe even make one that's higher than the original. But 3k for a printer or $30 for a new keyboard? I'm voting for the new keyboard.

Comment: Re:yes! - well - no (Score 2) 137 137

I guess you've never watched a political speech first and then went to fox to see what they do to it. Quite often going off in a tangent about something that was never even in the speech. If you want to head to fox first, fine. But do yourself a favor and then go to youtube and watch it "uncensored". They're usually posted there a while later.

Remember, fux is NOT an American company. The owner (Rupert Murdoch) is out for the money. Sensationalism is how he sells news world wide.

But the main problem with all media today... they all have an opinion. Years ago if a journalist had an opinion on air... he'd get fired. Today, if it creates controversy, he gets a raise.

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