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Comment: So far... why? (Score 2) 230

by garyoa1 (#49241915) Attached to: Man 3D Prints a Working 5-Speed Transmission For Toyota Engines

About the only thing I can think of that a 3D printer would be useful for would be to replace a little leg that you might break off of your keyboard. Or maybe even make one that's higher than the original. But 3k for a printer or $30 for a new keyboard? I'm voting for the new keyboard.

Comment: Re:yes! - well - no (Score 2) 137

I guess you've never watched a political speech first and then went to fox to see what they do to it. Quite often going off in a tangent about something that was never even in the speech. If you want to head to fox first, fine. But do yourself a favor and then go to youtube and watch it "uncensored". They're usually posted there a while later.

Remember, fux is NOT an American company. The owner (Rupert Murdoch) is out for the money. Sensationalism is how he sells news world wide.

But the main problem with all media today... they all have an opinion. Years ago if a journalist had an opinion on air... he'd get fired. Today, if it creates controversy, he gets a raise.

Comment: Nice try (Score 2) 359

by garyoa1 (#45989667) Attached to: Obama Announces Surveillance Reforms

Nice try barry but... no cigar. The only people who care about spying on foreign countries (friend OR foe) are the foreign countries. Who likely all do it themselves anyway. Spying on your own people reeks of Stalin and Hitler. (the list goes on)

Using a court order? No problem since you'd have to introduce reason. Just for the hell of it? Might as well just burn the constitution.

Comment: Re:DOS compatability in Win8 (Score 1) 380

by garyoa1 (#45918651) Attached to: Many Mac OS Users Not Getting Security Updates

Actually I'm running win8 pro 64 and do run dos progs. And I mean LITERALLY old pre-windows dos based progs. The old workhorse nutplus database works just fine. Many old games run well too. Of course, on the other hand, it's kinda brutal to stare at the ancient graphics. :)

Now, I'm not saying everything works. But the vast majority do. I think most of the problems with 16 vs 64 bit came from hardware that the vendors refused to update drivers for. A lot of scanners hit the trash pile over it.

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