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Comment time? (Score 1) 242

Problem with that is the shows themselves are built to x amount of minutes. Seems to me they really can't cut them unless the shows themselves are produced a bit longer. Last I heard, the average sitcom was actually 22 minutes in length.

Comment Not happy with 10 (Score 1) 288

I installed 10 on a laptop. When setting up it gives an option to opt out of auto update. But... auto updates anyway. What scares me is that I learned long ago not to install most optional updates. Video drivers usually don't work. Lan drivers usually don't work. For the lan, you have to dig out the mobo software and reinstall it. Then get on line to get video drivers. Not fun.

As far as the 8 metro screen. How is it, after all this time, no one seems to know how or even that you can shut it off. I didn't like it. I disabled it. The only thing 8 screwed up, IMO, is the start menu. Which classic start fixed. Of course, 10... removed it. So here we go again.

Comment Re:Why car info tech is so thoroughly at risk .. (Score 1) 192

Thing is, why is there "car" tech in the first place? What's wrong with running a steel cable to control the gas pedal? Computer controlled brakes? Sure. That way no one has to learn how to stop their car anymore. But, in time, some hacker will stand on a bridge, hit a button and all cars will "go fast, turn left". When there is no left.

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