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Comment: Re:Environmentalism, much? (Score 1) 116

They are supposed to have recently revived the original formula that they used in the 60's

I remember that when I was a kid the pull tabs on Schlitz had little slits to either side of the rivet on the ring.
You could bend the tab enough to breakit from the ring, then stick the tab into one of the slits by the rivet and use the tab as a spring to send the ring sailing across the room.
Good times having ring wars with my friends while the adults got plastered, and yes everybody used to drink Schiltz back in the day Bud and Coors were barely in evidence

The new aluminum cans didn't have slits on the rings, so you couldn't zing 'em around
Yet another thing that was lost with the original formula, but, apparently, good for archaeology

I guess you can't have it all, or they would bring back the 'Tuborg Dark' that a local brewer used to make in my hometown... Sweet dark heaven it was, and always came in a bottle so you could have bottle-cap wars while getting drunk

Comment: Re:America (Score 4, Interesting) 116

My mother's grandfather had founded a town along the border in the late 1800's
The place has been largely abandoned since the Great Depression and we would take a rare trip down 50 miles of washboard road to visit the ruins when I was a kid
There were a couple of people that had set up trailers and ran their own museums.
Lots of stuff like the jar of whiskey with a rattle snake in it that an old Chinese man that lived there had used for medicine and broken pieces of my mom's family china that they had dug out of the trash pits
Since then some of the town descendants have set up a web site and hold a reunion every now and then
I'm pretty sure the guy with the museum is long dead, I doubt that he had any legal right to anything that he had scrounged
That's how things used to roll in the desert

Comment: Re:Environmentalism, much? (Score 4, Interesting) 116

In the late 80's I was surveying an area that we used to party at in high school
It had been fenced off for over a decade and it was interesting walking up on old fire pits that had been left to the desert
Among the discarded clothing and garbage there was an occasional steel can that had been laying undisturbed where it had been thrown years earlier
I grabbed one for myself, an old Schlitz steel can that was rusted to shit on one side and all spankin brand new on the other
Yay! Archaeology!

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 295

Sorry that I have to disagree with you here, but the American right wing stands as the clear leader in the use and abuse of the Big Lie. Look at the mileage that they got (and Christie continues to get) out of the idea that the American President is either an alien or does not love this country. And on the cognitive dissonance side, there are plenty of people who will still argue that the President is a Kenyan, or that the ACA has death panels

Fox news... well that is all that I am gonna say on that point

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 295

I have to disagree with you on this, at least from a historical perspective:

"The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals, held by the Allied forces after World War II, most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany. "

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 5, Insightful) 295

Particular to the antisemitism of the Nazis, one can look at the need to find a villain, some group that they could hold responsible for their economic depression (largely the result of WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles) that did not require that they question their Germanic superiority.

If for example, they admitted that the Great War was a colossal screw up, it would insult the people that they were busy ass-kissing and complimenting into believing that there was some divine justification for mounting another world war. So it was awfully convenient to blame everything bad that was happening on social groups that had been historically blamed for things being bad, thus the Gypsies and homosexuals and Jews were convenient targets for the social rage that most Germans should have been pointing at themselves and their leaders who were busily stoking the furnaces of war all over again.

Unfortunately it is a pattern of behavior that has not been the sole property of the Nazis. We can see it in American political parties, Putin's 'social engineering', even in the political manipulations of Israel as they simultaneously drive the Palestinians into a corner and blame their reaction as the reason that they must be treated so harshly

We can expect this to continue for as long at the people who put these politicians into power fall for the same stupid tricks. The continued use by leaders of the Big Lie (Lie big and repeat the lie until people believe it to be true) and an unwillingness on the part of the populace to deal with the pain of Cognitive Dissonance (the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values) explains so much that is bad in this world.

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 2) 295

There was an interesting problem within Christianity throughout the Dark and Middle ages where Christians would not allowed to act as moneylenders.
This resulted in the Jewish population being pressed into 'marginalized' occupations of tax collection and money lending.
These professions were profitable, but led to isolation from the Christian populations that they lived among.
Beyond that the Lutheran Reformation made use of negative stereotypes and suggested that they be permanently oppressed or removed from Christian countries

You might just say that Christians, in particular, the Lutherans were awful pikers and sought to use antisemitism over paying their debts

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 5, Informative) 295

Certainly he had a place of power in the Nazi elite, and he used that place to drive home a pet project:

During 1942,[1] Goebbels continued to press for the "final solution to the Jewish question" to be carried forward as quickly as possible now that Germany had occupied a huge swathe of Soviet territory into which all the Jews of German-controlled Europe could be deported. There they could be worked into extinction in accordance with the plan agreed on at the Wannsee Conference convened by Heydrich in January. It was a constant annoyance to Goebbels that, at a time when Germany was fighting for its life on the eastern front, there were still 40,000 Jews in Berlin.[2] They should be "carted off to Russia," he wrote in his diary. "It would be best to kill them altogether."[3] Although the Propaganda Ministry was not invited to the Wannsee Conference, Goebbels knew by March what had been decided there.[4] He wrote:

        The Jews are now being deported to the east. A fairly barbaric procedure, not to be described in any greater detail, is being used here, and not much more remains of the Jews themselves. In general, it can probably be established that 60 percent of them must be liquidated, while only 40 percent can be put to work ... A judgment is being carried out on the Jews which is barbaric, but fully deserved.[5]

1. Jewish Virtual Library
2. Kershaw, Hitler, II, p 519
3. Kershaw, Hitler, II, p 473
4. Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, p 415
5. Kershaw, Hitler, II, p 494

This goes well past any notion of free speech and well into advocating and driving on the process of genocide

Comment: Re: It Has Begun! (Score 1) 52

by garyisabusyguy (#49501059) Attached to: Resistance To Antibiotics Found In Isolated Amazonian Tribe

I think that it is debatable whether the widespread use of antibiotics have exposed an existing population of antibiotic resistant bacteria, or if there have been recent mutations that have allowed bacteria to survive antibiotics

This paper discusses bot the existence of antibiotic resistance strains of bacteria, and the non-mutative processes that are involved in transferring resistant r-genes between different types of bacteria

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