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Comment 99% ... (Score 1) 174

While I'm in no way a fan of Facebook, I do applaud Zuckerman's step.

As for the people "complaining" and looking for excuses, I would wager a bet that almost all of them haven't even considered giving 1% of their income for any public cause (I'm talking about unforced giving, not taxes). They are just trying to find an excuse for their OWN failure to help out others.
And even IF Zuckerman didn't pay any additional taxes - if what he is planing to do is done like that, and benefits in the way he hopes it does, I would also bet the money not paid as taxes would help at least twice as much as it would have by being taxed ... seeing what the government spends the majority of its money on (hint: it's not spent for those that really need it ...).

Comment Hard to control (Score 1) 184

It's awfully hard to control the reactions of a crowd in a panic situation. With such a density, I doubt anything really effective can be done ... least signals to "slow down or speed up" ... in such situations, low-level impulses of the brain take over ... see results of research concerning e.g. exiting a building ... most humans will tend to follow the stream, leading to overcrowding of exits (while others that would give easier egress are sparsely used).
So unless they seriously limit access (which, in turn, might cause problems at the point of entry), these sorts of "accidents" will always happen.

Comment Re:Because it Works! (Score 1) 196

All the PCBs I've needed to date I wouldn't have been able to prepare without decent (read: pricey) equipment ... double sided, through-contacts, partly 2 leads between 2.54mm spaced solder pads ... no way you'd be able to come even close to the quality (and reliabilty) with a sharpie ... get to SMD, and you're f'cked trying to do it at home at ANY reasonable cost ...

Comment Re:Because it Works! (Score 1) 196

You're doing it wrong.

1) Learn to use a PCB Design CAD Tool that let's you actually do the electronic circuit and provides all the layout items for you
2) send it off to a DECENT PCB house
3) wait 1-14 days depending on how much you are willing to spend
4) get professionally etched PCBs back, with decent through-connections, dual or multi-layer, stop mask, etc.

Of course, even this process won't keep you from making stupid mistakes. Just as you can do stupid mistakes if you etch it yourself. But as for the mirrored reverse side - any DECENT PCB house will notice as the drill holes won't match up. They'll contact you, or correct it for you.

Comment Because ... (Score 1) 657

"immediately report any suspicious items and / or suspicious behavior." - Because the last time, it worked so well - no persons were harmed by the insidious contraption ...

F'ing paranoid @ssholes ... US people who aren't killed by US companies' health-degrading food are taken down and jailed ... and you wonder why the Chinese (and just about any other country on this earth) are kicking your asses in the workplace ...

Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 442

Of course the same could be said about throwing trillions at the F-35.

... or all the money spent to save the country from the results of tycoons like him that caused the banking crisis?

Seriously, look at all the scientific advances and inventions from the space race ... advances for space exploration help us down here ...

Comment Didn't they already do that? (Score 1) 223

I thought many printer makers already phased out ink cartridges by making new printers so cheap that replacing the printer was cheaper than replacing a spent (or dried-out) cartridge ... heck, name brand ink for ink jet printers is one of the most expensive things you can buy ... (look at how little you get for your many $/â/...)

Comment Of course ... (Score 2) 136

... the French will strongly protest against their politicians being spied on, and after that, they will pass the bill for spying on the citizens ...

Similar thing just happened in Germany: CDU/CSU/SPD will be passing data retention laws for phone and internet metadata (up to 10 weeks retention period), while they previously reduced the retention of parliament's Internet access meta data to 7 days following child porn accusations against former parliament member Edathy ... Animal Farm references, anybody?

Comment It's about time ... (Score 1) 668

... especially if you look around and find books dedicated to homeopath(et)ically treating illnesses by drawing symbols on the skin ... (my take on that book is, german original)
How can ANYONE who is not rooted in the dark ages even CONSIDER such outrageous claims, be it these extremes, or the "regular" ones made by and for those extremely diluted solutions?
But then, I reckon the ones falling for that crap also believe in an all-knowing power that - albeit knowing what's best and having pre-planned everything - can be swayed into working for you if you just pray enough)

Considering the reach of government in much lesser issues, it's about time all and every governments step in and do their job!

Comment Simple proof ... (Score 1) 162

... just infect Kim with AIDS and Ebola, then cure him ... as for cancer, some additional radioactive contamination might do ...
I guess once they've proved it works, they'll be able to sell it to the whole world, finally taking care of their people's hunger problem ... oh, right, they'll just spend it on their military instead ... after all, for what does Kim need a people?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

As long as you can get a court to agree with you you can ...

The paradox IMO is that rights-holders opposed things like streaming for so long, now all of a sudden they notice that instead of just selling a media once (as with DVDs and CDs), they can sell it to you over and over again, making more money in the long run, with far less production and distribution cost, plus - judging from reports - even lower compensation for the actual artists ... so, for companies like Sony and the likes, it's a win-win situation ...

On a side note: in Germany, place like GEMA already receive fees for every sold CDR, DVD-R, harddisk, computers, flash-cards, etc. therefore such a verdict shouldn't be possible here ...

Comment Re:More hoops before travelling through USA (Score 2) 200

> If you want to arrive unmolested you might try not taking part in an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

And how exactly do you ensure that you aren't part of some investigation? Being innocent doesn't protect you from being under false suspicion ... given the level of snooping NSA, GCHQ, BND and the likes are doing, falling under some sort of false suspicion could be caused by a mis-dial or an errant email ... or possibly by some government-critical comment you do on some public forum or similar ... just take the reports of people falsely being on the no-fly-list ...

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