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+ - Leaving IT for Medical

Submitted by
garrettg84 writes "I have always been interested in learning and working in an environment where things change due to the fact that I get bored very quickly. I am 27 making good money and absolutely bored out of my mind with my current job. I am a glorified computer janitor with a specialty in security/IA. Things are not changing fast enough to keep my interests and I have decided to go back to school. I am looking at entirely different career paths with a roughly equivalent (or better) salary. The medical field is calling out strongly, but I've been into electronics design and the like at home lately and I've been looking at engineering programs. I'm not sure what direction to go and I'm hoping for some ideas. As a side note, my undergrad is in IT (was quick and easy) and I just recently took the GRE in preparation for a possible masters of engineering program and I am pleased with my results."

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