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Comment: Autonomous truck drivers. (Score 2) 736

by garo5 (#44709823) Attached to: Technologies Like Google's Self-Driving Car: Destroying Jobs?
I think it's very clear that most of the truck drivers will be replaced by autonomous trucks driven by software. Human drivers need to sleep, robots don't. As our storage warehouses are already mostly on the wheels and logistics is optimized that the required goods arrive just in time, all this makes sense. The change might even be very fast. 30% of truck cargo might be driven by robots in the end of the decade.

Comment: Most wanted feature which SSH lacks? (Score 2) 284

by garo5 (#39476639) Attached to: Getting the Most Out of SSH
I'd always have liked that I could transfer a file or an stdout/stdin stream directly in the middle of an open ssh session. Also the file transfer / stream should be carried over nested ssh connections.
Imagine that you could just pipe the output from a command into some magical ssh command in a remote machine and your ssh client would ask where you would like to pipe the stream in your local machine.

+ - Google Researching Alternative Energy, RE<C-> 1

Submitted by
dhardisty writes "I know slashdot is overrun with Google news, but this is good news nonetheless. Google plans to get into the business of finding limitless sources of energy, announcing Tuesday that it 'intends to develop and help stimulate the creation of renewable energy technologies that are cheaper than coal-generated power... The initiative, which Google is calling REC, using mathematical symbols to denote "renewable energy cheaper than coal," will be based in Google's research and development group.'"
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