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+ - Climate scientists say warming not as bad as initially thought->

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ganjadude (952775) writes "Some new climate research, by pure accident is showing that global warming is happening much slower than anticipated by earlier charts.According to Ars;

The new paper adds an additional approach to handling the problem: simply run a bunch of models and pick those that, by accident, accurately reproduced the ocean's chaotic behavior. The authors started with the CMIP5 collection of climate models and selected the 18 models that include an ocean simulation that's sophisticated enough to provide data on the state of ENSO and other ocean behavior. They started these 18 models in 1880 and used historical forcings (solar activity, greenhouse gas concentrations, etc.) up until 2005, then switched to a standard emission scenario until stopping the models in 2012.

This by no means settles the debate, but it sure changes the way we look at climate change."
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Comment: Re:California is a fine place to start a business (Score 1) 162

by ganjadude (#47502805) Attached to: California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory

Unless you are going to get considerably more specific about what type of business you are planning to open then you are not making any sort of reasonable point.

a very valid argument and you are correct. I suppose it all depends on the type of business and a blanket statement like mine is a little off, If i were opening a hydroponics store or a solar panel manufacturing plant. or anything "green" I guess i would probably go to cali, if i wanted to open up pretty much anything else i would find other locations. Manufacturing i might go to detroit with the low cost of buildings, tech? Im going to austin tx or Raleigh NC.

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by ganjadude (#47499869) Attached to: A Look At NASA's Orion Project
100 years ago you would be correct.

Federal regulations would not allow that to happen even without the unions today

I thank the unions for what they did, I loathe the unions for what they currently do. For example the UAW was told to beat it by a factory in the south. Now dont forget the union came in talking about how it respects the worker, and the workers choices...

well when the workers tell the union to pound sand, they keep pushing for unionization.... Now if the unions actually cared about the worker, they would stand by the workers vote to keep them out, not keep trying to get in (so they can get their cut of course) but no, thats not what the UAW does, the UAW is directly responsible for the collapse of the american auto industry.

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