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Comment: Re:...and everybody gets to be right (Score 4, Insightful) 114

by ganjadude (#48230411) Attached to: EU Sets Goal To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 40% By 2030

while many environmental groups said the goals weren't ambitious enough.

They could say they want to cut the number 100% by 2030, and there would be people out there saying its not fast enough. It seems for some reason everytime something like this comes up, the only people you hear are those who say we shouldnt do anything, and those who say we are already doomed and should live in mud huts. Why cant we come up with a rational response? something where we use what we have now, and work towards a better tomorrow together?

instead of saying "global warming is a hoax!" why not say "well, its always better to have a clean environment, so lets work towards the goals"

and instead of saying "we need to stop using oil now! we need to stop using X Y Z NOW!!!" , how about we say "well, i know we cant stop society by eliminating everything that is "bad for the environment" so lets work at it one step at a time"

in the end, we go broke, shady business people get rich, and nothing changes. its disgusting

Comment: Re: Did they make money on Surface? (Score 1) 112

not really, I know quite a number of people in the music business, Ive been around it for a number of years now (its my hobby/failed business venture)

Everyone working with protools and most other music tools are using the surface these days, it just makes sense for them when on the go. the touch screen makes mixing and fading a little more natural than using a mouse, and it has the hardware power to do everything well.

honestly the onlything wrong with the surface is the OS which can be flashed to linux anyway

Comment: Re:Remember when WSJ had a modicrum of decency? (Score 1) 668

and what you are missing is that min wage jobs are not intended to be livable wages!!!. they are jobs to train high schoolers how to work, they are part time jobs for a parent whos kid is now in school and wants a few spending dollars. its not, nor was it ever intended that one can take care of a family on a min wage job (nor should it be!)

why should someone who can barely take my order correctly deserve to make more than I make working on a help desk keeping big companies up and running on multi million dollar accts? (no exaggeration i make shit money taking care of coach handbags cash registers) its not logical, its not moral, its simply wrong

Comment: Re:This is silly (Score 1) 668

and the idea that one has to do nothing to live " a middle class life" is also just as wrong.

Should someone who only has the skills to work a mcdonalds front counter be able to afford a new cell phone every 2 years (top of the line) should they be driving a new car? should they be have a 60 inch flat screen tv?

you know as well as i do the answer is no. this is not me being a heartless son of a bitch, I lost my good paying job, im currently working a help desk making shit, I have a 8 year old PC (granted it was a 3K$ custom 8 years ago) a 20 inch tube TV, I eat raman more than id like and you know why? because I know I cant afford much better right now. I dont feel the government or "rich people" owe me a thing

Comment: Re:More changes I don't want ... (Score 1) 172

by ganjadude (#48206935) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization
google always throws out 100 half baked ideas, and hopefully one or 2 of them end uop being decent. sometimes its annoying when I find one I like that gets discontinued (igoogle home page for example) but if you make 100 things that suck and 2 that are awesome, thats still 2 more awesome things that didnt exist before. they have the money and talent so let um!

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