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Comment Question for Bernie Sanders (Score -1, Troll) 94

In which case vote for Bernie

I heard, that Senator Sanders has fans, but never encountered one in person. A burning question I have for him — and his — is, what exactly would he do differently from Presidente Chavez, should he gain the same office in this country as the late paratrooper held in Venezuela?

Off-topic? Hardly...

Comment Re:Not Contractors (Score 1) 99

The IRS defines who is and is not a contractor

That might be because the taxpayers do not have the collective-bargaining powers, when talking to the IRS.

The distinction between employees and contractors is artificial and should not exist.

For example, a Uber driver, injured in a wreck can not get Workman's comp

His injuries — and the "pain and suffering" are covered by the auto-insurance. The "workman's compensation" was a solution in search of a problem, became a breeding ground for fraud, and should be abolished ASAP — along with all other involuntary insurance schemes.

Comment Re: Bias? (Score 1) 118

I was simply posting what I had read about the case so far

PP states that no one hurt was an employee or patient.

media reports say that an issue took place next door or across the street before he barricaded himself inside.

Not sure why you are bringing in things that have nothing to do with the case at hand. I only like to discuss single issues at a time, not get all muddied by trying to link 40 different events that have no relation to each other. When an incident happens it should be discussed as such

Comment Re:Bias? (Score 1) 118

i hope you are not referring to the incident the other day as it seems like it was coincidence that he ended up there (story is looking more like he hit a bank and ended up at PP, being that no one from PP was actually hurt....)

my costs should not rise based on the decisions of others. Risk share all you want between others having kids, im not, so keep me out of it

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