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Comment Many organizations don't give them status (Score 1) 111

The IT Department is like legal or accounting but is often not given that kind of status in the company. When they're not... they're asked to do impossible things, given no authority to do them and are treated like idiots by people that are bigger idiots.

And that creates unhappiness.

Comment Re: I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 81

The NK model is holding. I'm not saying fail as in 1000 years... I'm saying fail as in FUCKING INSTANTLY.

The drug war was lost INSTANTLY. It wasn't like they were winning for a moment. They lost as soon as it started.

And these regulatory regimes based on outmoded contextually irrelevant industrial models will fail when applied to situations and systems they cannot regulate.

Comment Re:I love all the European comments in this thread (Score 1) 570

Then all countries are imaginary, all law is imaginary, fiat currencies are imaginary...

And that welfare you're collecting on the basis of imaginary money and imaginary law because you crossed an imaginary line... that all collapses.

Your fucktarded position would lead immediately to total and complete anarchy. And because you're probably too stupid to realize the problem with total instant anarchy, consider that the immediate response to that will be that the people will accept the first authoritarian that stands up in the anarchy and restores order...

Which could be ANYONE and more likely than not will be someone that wants to be an authoritarian and is comfortable in that role. which means the result of your complete and total idiocy is that you'll probably spend the rest of your sad little life under a fascistic dictatorship which will also likely be very racist because being racist in such environment would stoke INGROUP/OUTGROUP loyalties thus strengthening the cohesion of the dictatorship... and they would probably not be the passive racists that just don't like X... they'd more likely be the oven and poison gas type.

Here's the problem with you... you don't think anything through. You know NOTHING of human group psychology. You know nothing of politics. You know nothing of sociology.

You basically are one of the most ignorant people I've met on this forum. And yes, even though you're cowardly hidind behind AC I know exactly who you are because no one on this site shares your opinion besides you. And I question if more than 1 in a million in this world share it either. And before you act the hero on that point, let me point out further that 1 in a million also has a quite a few astounding idiots in it.

Comment Re:Does it have to be in China? (Score 1) 134

The West has no such industry, most factories aren't set up to build anything but specific products for the owners of the factory concerned

But those owners can have a rather diverse set of products to make still. For example, when we were placing an order for "Lutron" light-switches for our house, the manufacturer made that customized order for us — a total of about 60 devices, some of them standard (sold at Home Depot), but others more specific.

as long as we assume manufacturing is somehow beneath us as a nation

I don't know, if such sentiment exists at all. But, if it does exist, it is certainly not universally shared. Those, who do not feel that way, aren't — or should not be — obliged to hold back whatever manufacturing capacity they control.

Comment Re: I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 81

Have all the regulation you want. Anything short of full North Korea levels of suppression will fail.

You're coming to a paradigm shift. Your social model won't survive it.

Think of the social models that existed before agriculture.
Think of the social models that existed immediately after agriculture.
Think of the social models that existed prior to the industrial revolution.
Think of the social models that existed immediately after the industrial revolution.

You have come upon a paradigm shift. I can guess what it will do but its too complicated for me to really reason it all out in detail.

What I do know is that that status quo won't survive. It never does. Things change.

If we all own Omni Tools... anything makers... things that can make explosives, drugs, automatic weapons... you can't stop it.

The reality is that you won't even be able to recognize half of the stuff. Your system is based on regulating stake holding commercial interests. These are economic choke points. But in the new paradigm those won't exist or will be much much less prominent. And who is to say that I have to make my contraband look like anything you'd recognize? if I've got a micro factory that can make custom anything for me... then I can put a gun in an ipad. Imagine the most absurd cold war nonsense. There's no reason the average citizen couldn't be printing out that weapon. What are you going to do? X Ray everything? And even if you do... who is to say that the internal workings of the thing couldn't be made to look harmless or simply not suspicious.

And then you might say "well I could look for certain chemical residues"... sure... but who says I even need to use chemical propellents? A good deal of the cold war assassination weapons were air rifles. Quieter. And then what are you looking for... CO2?

The CIA during the Cold War had an assassination pistol that fired a 3 MM ice bullet that contained a drop of shell fish derived neuro toxin. You could shoot someone with this this thing a crowded room. No one would even hear the shot go off. The toxin causes anyone hit with it to have a fatal heart attack. The body could be examined and the wound would look like scab or a pin prick. The bullet melted into water. The neuro toxin breaks down almost immediately. It is a functionally undetectable assassination weapon that the US has had in its inventory since at least the 1960s.

You're thinking in industrial terms. You're thinking about how you'll regulate blue collar people in the industrial era. That's not the context.

What you're talking about is akin to banning marijuana. Its a plant. Any idiot can grow it in some soil. Its illegal throughout most of the first world and its impossible to control throughout the first world.

Now imagine instead of some drug that a teenager can grow in some soil... you're dealing with microwave sized factories that can produce... just about anything.

Your regulation paradigm won't survive that.

What is my solution? Regulate people... not technology. Its a radical change in policy but the alternative is anarchy. The old paradigm is non-functional in this setting. Totally pointless waste of time.

Regulating people... knowing who is who and where they are and what they're like... Data mining and profiling... using expert systems to estimate the chances of X person doing Y crime.

Short of that ... you're going to be subjected to constant terrorist attacks, mass shootings, drug outbreaks, bombings... whatever. And the tools used to do all that stuff are just going to get better. Better electronics, better sensors... we are already seeing drones being used in crimes... mostly smuggling as of now but there's no reason a drone couldn't buzz a stadium and disperse anthrax or something over 30,000 people.

Its coming. Its not a matter of if but when.

Comment Re:I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 81

... Reductio ad absurdum?

Very well, then using your only rules where I can apply the most hyperbolic interpretation of what you say... apparently you believe the government has absolute authority to do anything what so ever... up and including raping you death because Rule 34 subsection A paragraph 2 of the Rape Idiots That Think The Government Should Have Absolute Authority Act of 2015.

Now we see if you have the integrity to admit you made a dumb argument and moderate your position so we can engage the issue in a constrictive way... or if you're a whiny shithead that will dig his little heels in pathetically even though you've got nothing to get a grip on... and I push you into into the abyss of self contradiction.

Your choice.

Fallacies are indefensible. You can't dig your heels in.

Comment Re: Just block any country that makes these claims (Score 1) 716

How does this censor me?

I'm not in any of these places. And even if I were, they're restricting advertising or the export of embargoed technology...

I can still call whomever a cocktoddler. Or advocate for insane ideologies. Or tell everyone about that thing that happened that is super embarrassing to certain powerful people.

Show me the censorship imposed by the US government on the internet at large?

The US refusing to allow certain technology to be easily moved out of the US into embargoed countries is hardly of relevance here.

If I post something critical of the US government on face book whilst living in Iran or North Korea is facebook going to be required to take it down as per US government rules?


So... Access Denied.

Comment Re: Just block any country that makes these claims (Score 1) 716

Quote it. I just scanned the TOS and there was nothing in there except this:


        If you are a resident of or have your principal place of business in the US or Canada, this Statement is an agreement between you and Facebook, Inc. Otherwise, this Statement is an agreement between you and Facebook Ireland Limited. References to âoeus,â âoewe,â and âoeourâ mean either Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Limited, as appropriate.

Facebook has appeared to have incorporated and legally shielded themselves from international harassment by routing international complaints through their Irish subsidiary which means you'll be suing them in Irish court or something. Have fun with that.

Comment The US has no credibility to sanction over hacking (Score 1) 78

Over other things... arguably... but hacking? No. pardon snowden and don't engage in that sort of behavior for a decade and you MIGHT get some credibility there. But what value is it to the US to sanction anyway?

We probably get more out of hacking than the sanctions anyway.

Comment Re:I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 81

I'm okay with registering so long as any non-felon can do it.

If the registration process becomes something that ultimately keeps it out of the hands of most people then I refuse.

Here you might say "but its dangerous"... only if the security is shit. Don't have shitty security.

A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take from you. -- Ramsey Clark