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by ganjadude (#47912255) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor
depends on how you look at it. The highway funding has so many strings attached, some states are not taking it any longer either because the requirements are too high or the end result is a bigger hole for the state. Add in the fact that the feds said "you want funding? make your drinking age 21 or we cut you off"

While it may be better in some ways, in a lot of other ways it made things worse

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If you dont know the basics about computers, you dont deserve to own one.

See, we have this thing called a society right. where different people do different things. I dont need to know how my engine works, I just know it does. I dont need to know how electricity works, I just know it does. I dont need to know how... you get the point. This is a horrible horrible piece of advice.

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regardless of the actual number, its to high for a U2 album. they dont deserve 100 million (or a dollar) for that album. If I were an apple guy id be pretty pissed off if im listening to my music and all of a sudden a U2 CD I didnt buy starts playing. Everyone know that bono is just a giant piece of shit. i mean you saw the south park right???

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CO2 is clean? Please tell me you're joking. CO2 in the atmosphere makes the planet warmer. That's not an opinion, it's a well-established scientific fact. Don't believe me? Put two bottles of water in the sun, with thermometers in both. Drop an Alka-Seltzer into one of them. That one will get hotter than the other.

CO2 may not be "clean" but its not as bad as the boogie men are making it out be. the fact is CO2 is a vital part of the circle of life.

I'll pay more for food that has stricter controls on quality. You're taking the argument to an irrational extreme; "Safe Food" is unattainable. What we can do is make it safer through reasonable regulation and testing. Which is where we are now.

Ok, good for you, and when poor people cant buy food because it has to pass 100 regulations before it hits the shelf what about them? How about we continue the "choice" thing, as long as items are properly marked whats the issue? Or as for your last point on there, at what point is it "safe enough" people have made it thousands of years without the government telling people what they can and cant eat.

Then they should fix them. The specs are freely available and attainable by any competent company. What you're bitching about is companies cutting corners and getting called on it. Anyone with a working tape measure can determine if something is 3 feet tall; someone who builds that stuff for a living has no excuse for that.

Next you are going to tell us that every building with a drive up ATM should have braile on it as well for all those blind drivers out there because.. the law! A little common sense goes along way, regulations leave little room for common sense. If the ramp is 1 degree off, is it stopping people from using it? If no WHO THE FUCK CARES???

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