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Comment: Re:Cost to Recharge? (Score 1) 457

by gandy909 (#28788761) Attached to: MIT Electric Car May Outperform Rival Gas Models

Yes, I did think about it. I have never seen any $ figures on the cost difference, and generally the 'green' treehugger types who push this sort of agenda only care about the 'green' and not at all about the '$'. One would think that if was really cheaper a lot of someones would be blaring cost comparison/savings figures loud and often to get the public behind it in a big way...and no one is.

Generally things that are 'better for you' seem to cost more, and for no good reason, either. Go to the grocery store. Anything that is 'healthy' or 'diet' or 'low ' is almost always more '$' than the 'regular' same item.

Comment: Re:Ummmm (Score 0) 769

by gandy909 (#27093767) Attached to: GM Cornered Into Defending the Volt

The answer i keep looking for, and never seeing is - what will my electric car do to my electric bill? I'd much rather pay double for gas than triple for electricity. I can see the electric companies drooling over this now.

Basically, if its going to cost me more money than what I already spend, I don't want it. Since I never hear about its going to save me money, or cost no more, I can (probably) safely assume that its going to cost me a lot more.

Comment: How often do the maps get updated? (Score 1) 122

by gandy909 (#18929331) Attached to: How Google Earth Images Are Made
Does anyone know how often the maps get updated, or if ever? I started building my new home over a year ago, and have been living in it 7 months now, but the maps of the entire area are still obviously several years old. I know this because there are several entire neighborhoods that have been built up over the last 5 years that are not there either. This is on both Google maps and earth.

Comment: Re:Not true.... (Score 2, Informative) 454

by Oarryan (#11794135) Attached to: Microsoft AntiSpyware thinks Firefox is Spyware
Obligatory "Me too"...

I've been running the MSAS both at work and at home in conjunction with others (AdAware, SpyBot S&D, etc) along side Firefox 1.0 and Firefox 1.0.1

While it did presume RealVNC was initially a threat (until instructed to ignore it on subsequent scans), it hasn't barked at either of the FireFox versions.

Journal: Acceptable AUP? 2

Journal by gandy909
What is an Acceptable AUP? The easy answer is that any AUP you are willing to agree to is. The better answer is more along the lines of what things you should never have to agree to and what things you should alway want to agree to.

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