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Many people will be born, have kids, and die in one region and culture. Only recently in human existence have some people been afforded such easy movement. 500 years ago, it would have been basically unthinkable that you could leave your family and go start a life on the antipode of your birth location in exchange for maybe a few months wages. Most of humanity had to work just to survive... agrarian society wasn't THAT long ago even in developed nations. Cultural mores are real and, especially when it came to who gets your daughter, VERY long lasting traditions and rules.

You are viewing this discussion through the lens of your own modern reality. That is dumb, not insightful.

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I would think for a pool of candidates of varying temperaments due to natural variations, some temperaments would would be more likely to pass on their DNA depending on various external factors like climate, terrain, and yes - society.

The military has started thinking about societies as "human terrain" precisely because it IS just another factor of environment. It is as real as the physical ground, vegetation, and weather.

The more I think about it and read about it, I see no reason why culture would NOT influence who gets to mate with who. Different cultures value different attributes, and those distinctions regularly decide who you let marry your daughter, who you let your son date, or who a person finds attractive in a mate.

It is highly unlikely that as society we select for aggressiveness or business acumen

Selecting an aggressive mate may WELL have been the difference between life and death in some cultures. And indeed MANY cultures teach their children to hold overly-driven, businessmen/doctors/lawyers/athletes in high esteem.

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what is globally accepted in animal breeding, that certain behavioral tendencies accompany accompany genetics right along with certain physical characteristics, is the worst taboo to apply to people.

which is ridiculous. populations living in specific social environments will SELECT FOR and AGAINST various physical and behavioral traits... and those traits which are successful in a specific society will then go on to build the society that those traits are best adapted to. like a feedback loop.

is there something totally crazy here?

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