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Comment: Re:I bought a house (Score 3, Interesting) 651

by gamerSRC (#39028187) Attached to: Last year, I spent the most on ...

Money on hand DOES NOT correlate with having good credit... if anything, it's the opposite.

I 'bought' my house at age 23, cosigned by my father and with a down payment provided by my uncle. I've made the payments myself. And 5.5 years later, I still can't get a credit card because I _only_ have one line of credit.

My uncle paid cash for his house and cars, and had something like half a million dollars in his bank account when he died. He deposited money (which earned interest!) with the DMV instead of paying for auto insurance. And I'd bet a hefty sum that his credit rating was much worse than mine is now.

The credit system is seriously screwed up. It rewards irresponsible spending. Every now and then I think about getting a credit card, but then get reminded why I hate that industry and want nothing to do with them.

Comment: I'm not even going to try to calculate that... (Score 1) 298

by gamerSRC (#38632192) Attached to: Books I bought to read, but haven't yet:

A) It's unspecified whether this is all books ever purchased, or just the ones that are still owned. Since I'm a book nerd, I've bought and re-sold quite a few books over my lifetime and expect to continue this trend for the rest of my long life.
B) Most of the books I read are ones that other people purchase for me. I don't buy myself all that many nowdays. And the ones I do buy generally go on the top of the to-read pile and so don't stay unread for very long.

Comment: Don't. (Score 1) 659

by gamerSRC (#37667154) Attached to: How Do You Educate a Prodigy?

If he's showing any interest whatsoever in peer interactions, then school-sponsored sports and art clubs and such are a good option. More likely he'll thrive even MORE in group activities that include people of a range of ages such as Parks & Rec sponsored sports and arts clubs loosely affiliated with your local university. Examples from my own life that I still have fond memories of include karate training at a dojo that had three age categories (under 5, kids, adults; teenagers got to choose which class they wanted to go to) and a board gaming group that were all ~20 years older than me.

DON'T FORCE him to go to public middle school and/or high school... that's a recipe for coming out with PTSD that'll take a long time to resolve. If he's got friends and likes it there, cool; if not, pack him off to community college. Because community colleges have a wide range of non-traditional students, that's a better integration to adult life than a four-year college where the idiots who just got out of mom & dad's house have nothing better to do than drink way too much. College will also offer more options for diversifying education in the arts and such than middle & high school... look up what the generals requirements are for a science degree are and have him get started on those in addition to the technical classes.

Comment: On a Virtual Machine (Score 1) 417

by gamerSRC (#37652236) Attached to: I typically run Windows ...

... for the sole purpose of using specific applications that haven't been ported over to Linux. I don't really count that as running Windows.

7 and Vista should have been separate options. My current computer came with Vista, which was what pushed me over to the dark side (Linux). I would have been willing to continue using Windows if I'd had 7.

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