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Data Sorting World Record — 1 Terabyte, 1 Minute 129

An anonymous reader writes "Computer scientists from the University of California, San Diego have broken the 'terabyte barrier' — and a world record — when they sorted more than a trillion bytes of data in 60 seconds. During this 2010 'Sort Benchmark' competition, a sort of 'World Cup of data sorting,' the UCSD team also tied a world record for fastest data sorting rate, sifting through one trillion data records in 172 minutes — and did so using just a quarter of the computing resources of the other record holder."

Comment Re:Hasn't MS learned *anything* over the years? (Score 1) 403

It's beginning to resemble a bad joke at this point... WTF are they doing? More than 70% of Windows users are running XP - it's eight years old. Many customers were ready for a new Windows, upgraded their computers, hated Vista and refused to use it. They reverted to XP which MS continued to support well past the expected lifetime, and simultaneously computers quit getting faster at exponential rates.

So now we have lots of modern computers that are content with an eight year old Windows release that's mostly up to date, and will have no reason to upgrade for years. New computers still sell with XP more than Vista, and for all we know Win7 could be another year out. Customers have a newfound appreciation for how stable and refined XP is (or can be).

But even in 2001, XP was slow to take - it took about four years to overtake Win2k in the corporate space. Windows 7 will meet an utterly awful economy with the damning news that computer hardware no longer obsoletes itself each year - Microsoft's planned obsolescence product model has kicked its own ass.

So what I don't understand is what they think being rabid about Windows piracy stands to gain them today? They need the market share more than they need the extra 0.1% of pirated copies that would actually translate into sales. When they turn off XP support, shit will hit fans... unless Windows 7 can get you free coffee and cheap drugs, Windows XP support will have to be switched off at a time when it still retains the largest userbase of any other OS.

They're hunting for their users' last straw, which seems like a bad sign to me; this is only a matter of time before they trip over themselves and fall off the tower. PC vendors abound waiting to market and sell you preconfigured, secure, compatible and supported desktops running Linux. When software developers catch on, checkmate.

Comment Re:I loved Far Cry, but can't buy Crysis (Score 1) 79

Oh, and the aliens in Crysis, aside from all looking like the same model, looked like they came straight out of Duke Nukem 3D, except they weren't billboards... even with lots of texture filters you could see huge, ugly, disgusting texture pixels, unless it was the other 7/8 of the alien which was jet black and was more of a silhouette than a model... so if you saw any of that, that wasn't your hardware. ;)
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Journal Journal: Linux supprt on Logitech?

Logitech has had a long standing "We have no plans to support non-microsoft operating systems" stance when questioned about supporting their devices. It has been posted (finally) asking if anyone wants support for non-M$ OSes to submit a reply to this post.

Submission DIY preamp comparable to high end studio equipment

fortunato writes: "A user on the Tweak Hardware forums (moniker Owel) has designed a studio quality DIY preamp he calls the SC-1. If you are handy with a soldering iron its a very low cost way for anyone with a home music studio to build a professional quality preamp! Flat response from 10Hz to almost 300kHz (much higher than human hearing). Anyone who does any recording professionally or as a hobby should certainly check this out.

The original forum thread about it with a nice history of its development is here: 853

and the new official support forum for it is here:"

Submission How do I get my game published?

palomer writes: "I've just graduated with a masters degree and I've written an educational computer game that I think would have some success. I want to give this thing a shot before I throw in the towel and work for the Man. How do I get more funding to work on this game? How do I get this game published? How do I avoid getting ripped off? How do I prevent my ideas from being copied? I'm sure these are questions that many people with great ideas ask themselves and many of them, like me, have no idea where to start."

Cold Fusion Gets a Boost From the US Navy 168

Tjeerd writes in to alert us to the publication in a highly respected, peer-reviewed journal of results indicative of table-top fusion. The US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego, CA (called Spawar) has apparently been conducting research on "cold fusion" since the days of the discredited report of Pons and Fleischmann. They are reporting on the reproducible detection of highly energetic charged particles from a wire coated in palladium-deuterium and subjected to either an electric or a magnetic field. Their paper was published in February in the journal Naturwissenschaften (which has published work by Einstein, Heisenberg, and Lorenz). New Scientist also has a note about the fusion work but it is available only to subscribers.
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Submission Michael's Got a New Notebook...

An anonymous reader writes: Lionel Menchaca just posted on "I just heard that Michael's added a new notebook to his hardware collection. It's a Precision M90 mobile workstation with Ubuntu 7.04 and a list of open-source applications. He's also running an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 graphics card with 512MB RAM. I figured a few of you might want to know. "
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Submission GameLife Host Arrested for Massacre Threats

AbsoluteXyro writes: Kotaku reports that Andrew Rosenblum, the founder and co-host of GameLife, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to go on a Virginia Tech-like shooting spree at a Boston-area college. Rosenblum, who was taking classes at the Boston University, instant messaged his ex-girlfriend shortly after 32 people were killed at Virginia Tech, saying he was going to kill her, according to the Boston Herald. "(I)'m gonna (expletive) bring a gun to your school and kill you and K (another female student) and everybody you love. It's gonna be VT all over again," 20-year-old Andrew Rosenblum allegedly wrote in an e-mail to the victim just hours after 32 people were gunned at Virginia Tech.
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Submission DirectX 10 for XP

An anonymous reader writes: In a blog post earlier today, Faling Leaf Systems released a prerelease of their DirectX 10 compatibility libraries for Windows XP. They're available here and includes a readme on how to install it and get the examples from the MS DirectX SDK. Looks like a sign of good things to come and it's finally likely that we won't have to upgrade to Vista just to play DX10 games when they start coming out.

Submission Significant Plant Blooming Research Faked

eldavojohn writes: "A Swedish research group has asked that its paper on how plants know when to bloom be retracted from Science Magazine which had previously heralded it as the third most important breakthrough of 2005. The Swedish university has placed the blame on a guest researcher from China who reported results that the research group was unable to recreate later. Tao Huang, the researcher in question, denies any wrong doing and claims the results are valid. From the article, Ove Nilsson who is the research professor from the Faculty of Science and Agriculture at Umeaa University told AFP, "Chinese researchers are under a lot of pressure from their country and are expected to produce a maximum amount of results in order to get a job." The research initially claimed to have proven that the florigen molecule that controls plant blooming plays the role of messenger in the process."

Submission I'm not a spammer

tfinniga writes: A spammer has recently started using my domain name as "From:" addresses when sending out spam. I'm worried about my domain being blacklisted, and I'm annoyed by the bounces — I'm getting about 1000 bounce messages a day. Unfortunately, I give out a different email address to each site I visit:,,, etc., and the spammer is using a different address for each mail, so simple address filtering doesn't work.

What is the best way of avoiding being put on a blacklist, and dealing with the flood of bounces?

Schmidt Says YouTube 'Very Close' to Filtering System 108

cnetfeed writes "Google CEO says an automated system will soon be available to track pirated content and prevent it from being uploaded to video sharing site. The system was supposed to be rolled out as early as last October, and the long delay in brining the technology online has resulted in ill will from companies like NBC and Viacom. 'Network executives accused Google of stalling so YouTube could reap the big traffic that professionally-created shows generate. Viacom filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Google last month and accused Google of massive intentional copyright infringement. "Ah Viacom," [CEO Eric Schmidt] Schmidt said. "You're either doing business with them or being sued by them...we chose the former, but ended up the latter." Schmidt took the opportunity to poke fun at Microsoft's assertion that Google's pending acquisition of DoubleClick may be a threat to fair competition. Other companies, including Yahoo and AT&T have also asked regulators to review the transaction closely.'"

Google Pushes Open Source OCR 212

SocialWorm writes "Google has just announced work on OCRopus, which it says it hopes will 'advance the state of the art in optical character recognition and related technologies.' OCRopus will be available under the Apache 2.0 License. Obviously, there may be search and image search implications from OCRopus. 'The goal of the project is to advance the state of the art in optical character recognition and related technologies, and to deliver a high quality OCR system suitable for document conversions, electronic libraries, vision impaired users, historical document analysis, and general desktop use. In addition, we are structuring the system in such a way that it will be easy to reuse by other researchers in the field.'"

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