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Comment Re:This isn't hard folks (Score 1) 19

TFA explicitly points out that the civilians will not be pulling the trigger. They will be used only for Combat Air Patrols (a term that seems just a bit inappropriate) that are for data gathering and surveillance only. The trigger pullers will be active duty military.

The problem, in TFA's eyes is that this represents a slippery slope - how many degrees of separation do you need in a military setting?

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 118

Renewables are winning against everything on economic grounds... as long as they're *massively* subsidized, yes. And as long as they're backed up with non-renewables that can pick up the slack when renewables can't supply the energy needed from them, which is constantly. But otherwise they're great, yeah.

Right. And nuclear isn't subsidized?

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 369

I agree, let's have a little equality. Legalise and/or medicalise all drugs, disband the DEA permanently, and stop feeding the prison industry's insatiable appetite for nonviolent human beings.

That's right. And in your happy fantasy world, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is the name of store....

Comment Re:Nice biased article leaving Apple out (Score 1) 46

And... I put my foot in my mouth. I apologize, I didn't see where you said "Google key0x89b..." That's my bad, please free to point and make fun of me. The only real excuse I have for that is undiagnosed brain-damage or something.

My tasty little slice of humble-pie aside, I hope you'll still consider the rest of my post.

Comment Re:Nice biased article leaving Apple out (Score 1) 46

Heh. Here's a tip: 'Let Me Google That For You' is only worthwhile when the search terms are obvious. If you put in something as obscure as "key0x89b", then the sarcasm is just lost.

As for the links, thank you, I perused them, but I cannot find why you're raking Apple over the coals on it. The article is about certificates being burned in, "key0x89b" is about burning the decryption keys for the filesystem, unique to each device, into the memory on the machine. There are reasons why this is bad but it has nothing to do with things like man-in-the-middle attacks as mentioned in the article.

Please feel free to correct me, perhaps the list of links you showed me made me misinformed.

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