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Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 304

Go back and read 'Red Mars'. Before he goes all political KSR describes a pretty rational plan to get to Mars. For that matter, so does Andy Weir in 'The Martian'. It just takes money. Lots and lots of money.

Something that NASA never manages to get. Kinda pointless coming up with detailed plans when you know you won't get funding for it. Might as well just make a movie....

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 323

You are the piece of shit, scum like you deserves to have their family marched to the gas chamber. State worshipping pig fucker scum!

Butcher all right wingers. We need a civil war. Murder all families of right-wing voters.

What about all the family members who can't stand the right-wing nut in their family? You know, the nut who won't ever shut up about politics. The nut to whom you never speak because he thinks he knows everything and tries to prove you wrong about everything. The nut who actively tries to start arguments. The nut who disowns his own children because they don't share his right-wing politics or follow his psychotic Southern Baptist religion.

Comment Re:Terrorism! (Score 2, Informative) 158

Yeah, the US making a big deal about how ISIS gets all those Toyota trucks when it turns out that the US was the one supplying them. Ooops. Let's pretend for an instant that the funding of terrorist groups by the US is strictly limited to pickup trucks. After all, cash and weapons only goes to "moderate" beheaders not terrorist beheaders...

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