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Comment: Re:money? (Score 1) 189 189

You're kidding, right?

Today, Japan's nuclear energy infrastructure makes it eminently capable of constructing nuclear weapons at will. The de-militarization of Japan and the protection of the United States' nuclear umbrella have led to a strong policy of non-weaponization of nuclear technology, but in the face of nuclear weapons testing by North Korea, some politicians and former military officials in Japan are calling for a reversal of this policy.

Comment: Current level of Japanese debt? (Score 0) 189 189

Is this adviseable given the current level of Japanese debt? If this were a completely private venture funded by actually revenue and leading to efficiency increases proportionate to the cost, it seems fine. However, will that be the case?

Comment: The previous Slashdot story? (Score 3, Informative) 325 325

Can we pull up the previous Slashdot story on this (when they were just starting)? While most folks agreeded that it would fail, it may be useful to recognize those folks that were vehement supporters for this and ridicule them mercilessly. Here's the original article: Looking through that link, I'm challenged to find even a single supporter.

Comment: Re:That's not how it works (Score 1) 379 379

Yes, I can't see any reason why the source of the evidence wouldn't be available.

Judge: Mr. Prosecutor, can you please tell me where you obtained this evidence?

Mr. Prosecutor: .... well ... uh ... no.

Judge: Mr. Prosecutor, you will be cooling your heels in a cell until you can provide me with that information.

Comment: Re:Over to you, SCOTUS (Score 1) 379 379

President Obama can veto this bill. It would then go back to Congress for a re-vote: With the issue now out in the open, it is less likely that congress would override the veto. So, the ball is most definitely in Barak Obama's court. It will become law (or not) based on his decision.

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