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Comment: Re:Do we need the anti-smoking jab (Score 1) 479

by gakguk (#29590163) Attached to: A Geek Funeral
(I'm a heavy smoker and serial quitter, on my 5th attempt. 7 months so far.)

Have you ever watch someone you love die by lung cancer? Anticipated his approaching death even when he / she is somewhat healthy?

I'm sure there are worse, but this is not a peaceful process. You don't get a sudden call saying, "Lost the dad. Yes dear, heart attack", bury him the next day and deal with the memories. This is pure "He's skinny, in pain, dying. And we're powerless to even ease his pain" stuff. Give the family a break.

And no one needs your money for roads, education, utilities coming from tobacco tax. You'll cost much more when you're dying.

Comment: Re:For non-USA citizens (Score 1) 734

by gakguk (#26436379) Attached to: Visitors To US Now Required To Register Online
>My father has traveled much more extensively than me, and he agrees that it is absolutely not necessary to visit other countries if you don't want to.

Really?:) Ask the papa where you got this:
Or this:

CCI Power 6/40: one board, a megabyte of cache, and an attitude...