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Comment Re:Amazon App tablets let you app apps! (Score 3, Informative) 200

If you're ok with a smaller form factor, you could get a YotaPhone. Android phone with a 5" AMOLED screen on one side, 4.7" e-Ink screen on the other.

Given the trend in larger and larger screen sizes on phones (which I'm not a fan of but whatever), I wouldn't be surprised if the next iteration of their devices is 5.5" or higher.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 1) 176

You have two options. 1) Agree with what they do and pay more 2) Say it is a breach of contract and drop out

With 1) the company gets what they want However with 2) the company gets what they want.

While it makes sense in situation you describe (the company you work for losing money every week) for them to cut their loses, I'm doubting that Verizon is in that desperate a situation -- which means that if you take option 2 and drop out, switching to another carrier, no, Verizon isn't exactly get what it wants. They've lost a customer and whatever their monthly profit was on that customer, plus they'll have to spend money trying to get that customer back (which may not succeed).

Comment Re:I don't like this at all (Score 1) 176

Sure there's inflation, but the price per gigabyte over the past several years has definitely gone down, as have the cost of monthly contracts in general (thanks to companies like T-Mobile). This does seem like a brash move by Verizon which will piss off a lot of their long-term customers. It would've been smarter to raise the price $10 now and another $10 in 2 years. Or if this is really a problem of trying to eliminate users who are using way too much bandwidth, just keep the price the same and start throttling after a certain amount.

One has to wonder though: when are we ever going to see data caps that are in line with the speeds that LTE and the already-being-discussed 5G allow? It's kind of ridiculous that many users have broadband speeds on their phones which surpass the speeds of their home internet connection, yet they can only use a few GB before being essentially cut-off.

Comment I thought upgrading to 16GB would help (Score 2, Interesting) 209

I upgraded my Thinkpad X230 from 8GB to 16GB because it was cheap enough, and because I was occasionally getting slowdowns in Chrome on Linux from so many windows and tabs open.

It fixed the slowdown problem, until recently, when Chrome on Linux decided to simply start crashing after so many (not even that many - maybe 40) were open.

Summary: Latest version of Chrome is total shit on Linux.

Comment How it should work. (Score 1) 345

- Immediate call if a charge is suspect. I had this happen recently making a big purchase at Home Depot. Card got declined; I was confused. Then my phone rang with the card issuer on the line. Confirmed my identity (smart, phone could've been stolen) and that the charge was legit. Re-ran the transaction and it went through. Catch: For this to work smoothly, the call really needs to come in within 60 seconds, otherwise I would probably try another card for fear of holding up the line.

- Instant notification for ALL charges. Notification by text message and additionally email. If your card is compromised, the thief will often try a small charge as a test to see if the card is still valid. This happened to me recently: I had email notifications setup for charges made, but the bank only sent the notifications for charges over $10, so i didn't see the first fraudulent charge and only found out later when they called me about a $300 charge at in the Netherlands (US-based card). Each text message should be appended with a message like "If you did not make this transaction, reply 'NO' to this message." A reply would freeze the account until you can call in.

- App-based 2-tier authorization - You make a charge and a notification pops up on your phone with the details requiring you to confirm the transaction before it gets approved. I'm wary about this one because it would require having your phone and a working connection at all times, and it could leave you screwed if that isn't the case.

Comment Re:Off-Earth habitation (Score 1) 684

I agree: mastering a self-sustaining space station makes a lot more sense. We'd learn some things that would help us make the several-month journey to Mars with minimal weight (important because weight is a huge cost of any space mission). We could put another such space station into orbit around Mars as a place for surface expeditions to be launched from and return to. Once you have a self-sustaining space station down, whether in orbit or on a planetary surface, you greatly reduce the possibility of putting humans into the outer reaches of space only to have them die from running out of oxygen or food before we can send help.

Comment Re:Good guy teleco emplyees... (Score 4, Informative) 123

I have a dual-SIM phone with one SIM on T-Mobile's network, the other on AT&T's (both are MVNOs). My experience has been that T-Mobile has better overall coverage in the areas they cover -- and by that I mean actually getting 3 or 4 bars on T-Mobile while indoors and getting 0 or 1 bars on AT&T (obviously in the exact same location since it's in the exact same phone).

I think it's pretty well known that T-Mobile is not the carrier of choice if you're looking for extensive rural coverage. If you need that, my impression is that Verizon is the way to go. But if you're in an urban area 99% of the time, T-Mobile is amazing given their prices and their perks, i.e. free unlimited data and text when traveling overseas. (I think most people don't realize just how unprecedented it is to have unlimited data when roaming abroad, and to date I know of no other carrier in the WORLD who offers that.)

Comment Re:Sort of the opposite of what I was hoping... (Score 4, Insightful) 80

Exactly this. Android isn't a fledgling OS anymore where Google has to suck up to carrier demands. It needs to require that Android phones be able to receive critical system updates. It's actually pretty inexcusable that Android has gotten this far without this -- and I say this is a die-hard Android user.

Comment Re:Linux Mint 17.2 with MATE from Windows XP (Score 1) 69

The only aggravation is the start menu still lags on first opening (a "paper cut" issue, but it's been around for a while).

Thanks for mentioning this. I've put Mint on a few old laptops since XP's EOL, and that start menu lag was a dealbreaker for me with Cinnamon. It really leaves a bad first impression, and frankly I hoped it would have been fixed by now.

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