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Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 391

Right, and Germany is sunnier than the USA

Strawman. I never said anything of the sort. That said, Germany is spending heavily to IMPORT power from neighboring countries. You might've missed that fact.

No they don't because in today's world, unless you are right on the grid path, it is often cheaper to just run solar or wind turbine. The grid isn't all that any more.

Remind me again what portion of the INDUSTRIALIZED FIRST WORLD runs off of local wind turbines and/or local solar? Oh, that's right: not much. There's a perfectly good reason for that: it's not reliable power like grid power. Solar doesn't work when it's cloudy, at night, or when panels are covered by snow. Wind doesn't work unless it's windy. Grid power works all the time, every time. Power that isn't there when you need it most is rather useless.

Solar/wind is a good solution SOME OF THE TIME IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. But only a fool -- and a obsessive fool at that -- maintains that it's a practical alternative to grid power in places where grid power is available.

Oh, and nice dig at Fox News, not that it's remotely relevant to the discussion. But it does show your bias.

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 258

He was 17, she was 15 when the sex occurred. He didn't rape her. She regretted it afterwards, and either cried rape or was forced to cry rape by her parents.

If all the upperclassmen that had sex with underclassmen at my former high school were jailed, probably a third of the school would be behind bars. This is fucking ridiculous.

Yeah, but did the upperclassmen in your school use *computers* to lure those innocent little underclasswomen into their lairs? Yeah, didn't think so. So, as you can see, it's *totally* different!


Comment Re:Dog Poop Stations (Score 1) 175

bags are cheap, and there are MANY biodegradable dog bags available (ex: )

Quit being an ass and pick up after your dog!

My apartment complex has many stations that are always fully stocked with bags: BUT I actually carry and use my own because it's more convenient than using the stations.

Because of the stations it is VERY rare for there to be poop lying around... even though there are TONS of dogs here.

Comment Re:There are good reasons for gvt bureaucracy, rem (Score 1) 275

If the data isn't critical then why are they bothering to collect it in the first place? Why pay for license plate scanners, OCR systems, wireless network connections/bandwidth bills, etc if the data doesn't have value? If it does have value then placing it on a desktop system probably isn't the right answer.


Countries Gaming Carbon Offsets May Have Dramatically Increased Emissions 150

schwit1 writes: Abuse of the carbon offset system may have caused emissions to increase by as much as 600 million tons. That's the finding of a new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute, which investigated carbon credits used to offset greenhouse gas emissions under a UN scheme. As one of the co-authors of the report put it, issuing these credits "was like printing money." From the article: "In some projects, chemicals known to warm the climate were created and then destroyed to claim cash. As a result of political horse trading at UN negotiations on climate change, countries like Russia and the Ukraine were allowed to create carbon credits from activities like curbing coal waste fires, or restricting gas emissions from petroleum production. Under the UN scheme, called Joint Implementation, they then were able to sell those credits to the European Union's carbon market. Companies bought the offsets rather than making their own more expensive, emissions cuts. But [the studey] says the vast majority of Russian and Ukrainian credits were in fact, "hot air" — no actual emissions were reduced.

Comment Re:the real problem... (Score 1) 258

In addition to what turp182 said about not allowing multiple orders it also sends a notification to your phone telling you all about the order... and you receive multiple emails about the progress of that order (just like any Amazon order).

You can even cancel the order within 30 minutes.

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 1) 258

You might be interested in . I haven't used it yet (friend just told me about it the other day). But it seems a bit more targeted than Amazon at non-greymarket goods.

(Note: I don't work for them, or with them or anything... simply heard about it the other day and thought I would pass it on)

Comment The quote was shortened a bit. (Score 5, Funny) 282

"The general aim of these science fiction writers is to frighten the people into a state of paralysis or psychological incompetence bordering on hysteria,"

"...and believe me, you're talking to a man with a _lot_ of experience with psychological incompetence bordering on hysteria."

Comment Re:Surge Pricing - Why The Hate? (Score 1) 250

Surge pricing is Good, but there are also valid laws against Price Gouging during and before an emergency.

And, yet, during an emergency there should be extremely higher prices so that the people who most need a scarce commodity can get it (yeah, I know, if they can afford it).

We had a severe gasoline shortage in Nashville a few years ago, I mean severe. Most stations had no gasoline. Some started charging exorbitant amounts. Good. See, I didn't need gasoline so - being a good citizen - I quit driving. My wife and I work from home so we didn't need to drive. We went to the store, but that was it. Other people, though, were talking about finding a station that still had gas and filling up so that they wouldn't be left without. They didn't need it, just wanted it.

I'd rather see the ambulances and such have enough gas that they can still run - even if they have to pay double or triple for it. That's what a market is for. If you force everybody to keep their prices down during those times then all that happens is people will buy even if they don't really need.

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