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Comment: Why bother - they will just get outsourced! (Score 1) 147

by gabrieltss (#46466127) Attached to: How St. Louis Is Bootstrapping Hundreds of Programmers

Why are these folks bothering. They will get hired by some company and that company will outsource the development work to India or some other country that they can pay the folks a dime on the dollar to do the same work. Why is there a shortage? So many companies sucking up the H1-B visas and outsourcing. Get a grip....

Comment: Re: ObiHai has a charge above the $40 - more (Score 1) 206

by gabrieltss (#46376383) Attached to: How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33%

"Google Sets the Date for the End of XMPP with Google Voice
Recently Google announced the end of support for XMPP based calling with Google Voice. This will happen on May 15, 2014 – that’s over 6 months from today. Since your OBi device uses XMPP to communicate with Google servers, the end of support will directly impact how your OBi device can be used with your Gmail account and its associated Google Voice phone number. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to use the Google Voice communication service to make calls using the phone connected to your OBi device. Also, the ability to receive calls to your Google Voice number, directly from Google’s service, will not be possible.

Fortunately, your OBi device may be used with many Internet phone service providers – all providing very low-cost calling to the USA, Canada and almost every country in the world. Most offer subscriptions and pay-as-you-go plans starting from $1.30 per month (including E911) and rates starting at 1 cent per minute to the USA and Canada. The OBiTALK web portal can be used to easily configure an account from any of these services on your OBi. Of course, OBi-to-OBi calls, using the OBi number printed on the device, remain completely free. "


Comment: Re: ObiHai has a charge above the $40 (Score 1) 206

by gabrieltss (#46376371) Attached to: How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33%

"Obihai would like to share what’s been going on since our last article about the impending end, in May, of XMPP-based calling using the Google Voice service"

"Here is what we expect to provide OBi customers in cooperation with our ITSP partner. OBi device owners will be able to sign-up for a voice service plan provided by the ITSP, for as little as $39.99 a YEAR. That’s only $3.33 per month! Included in the plan will be; a new phone number, a set-number of outbound calling minutes, unlimited inbound calling, E911 emergency service calling, telemarketer blocking, and many call features like voicemail, caller ID, 3-party conference calls, call waiting, etc. And by the way, this low price will include all taxes and fees associated with the service."


Comment: Don't use Google maps - duh! (Score 1) 137

by gabrieltss (#46376243) Attached to: Using Google Maps To Intercept FBI and Secret Service Calls

I quit using Google maps a long time ago when they showed the location of an address in the total opposite side of town when I knew darn good and well it wasn't where it said it was. Also showing my address on the WRONG side of the railroad tracks and 1 mile east of where it REALLY was. That is on top of all the spam garbage all over it. I have found MapQuest much more accurate and full of less BS. Google maps is just to "hackable". Anyone can make it show whatever they want - heck just see how easy it was for this guy to do it. Google has just become Micro$oft 2.0.

Comment: Re:Bah, fake posturing. - WHAT? (Score 1) 401

Do more reading on the subject of the cost of the cost of electricity from wind power... Like the subsidies that are used to try to bring the cost down, higher grid level costs like Europe found out 10 years ago. There are LOTS of "hidden" costs in Wind power...

Comment: Re:Sounds like a veiled threat to me - yup (Score 1) 401

HAARP was shutdown in May of 2013 and gee all the high heat, tornadoes, hurricanes and hash weather seemed to just STOP or was VERY minimal this year and the colder temperatures moved in. So this makes one wonder how much of the activities of HAARP were causing the issues. Even the program director on the project had said in an interview that when they fire up HAARP, they literally set the sky on fire.


Interview with Dr. Paul Kossey, HAARP Program Director

The father of weather weapons - Ben Livingston's interview is rather interesting

Comment: We need to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! (Score 1) 401

This is more dangerous than anything "man made global warming" could ever be! Why is John Kerry not waring the Indonesians about this danger?

Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is a colorless and odorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. Its basis is the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, a species shown to mutate DNA, denature proteins, disrupt cell membranes, and chemically alter critical neurotransmitters. The atomic components of DHMO are found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine and Ethyl Alcohol.


Even Californians know this is a dangerous item - they are even signing petitions to BAN it!

Comment: Re:Bah, fake posturing. - WHAT? (Score 1) 401

"Wind is now cheaper than every fossil fuel save gas, and will be cheaper than gas in five or so years. "

What? How come to get electricity from wind farms COSTS MORE?? Get a grip!

"US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Indonesians that man-made climate change could threaten their entire way of life,"

Does this bone head really think people in the U.S. are going to buy this cr@p - seriously? How about man made FREEZING! In the upper mid west where we have more average low temperatures BELOW ZERO than in the last 10 years. And are being buried in snow.And how about the south were they are seeing freezing temperatures and snow and ice like crazy. What about those in the east - freezing temperatures, snow, ice...

Yeah man made global warming sure... All those people continually pushing this BS should be arrested and locked up in prison for the rest of their lives for pushing obvious LIES LIES LIES!

Comment: Re:Not so far wrong. (Score 1) 123

by gabrieltss (#46212125) Attached to: AOL Reverses Course On 401K Match; CEO Apologizes

AOL is to blame then for all the DULTS on the internet wasting bandwidth with web pages devoted to cats and all the stupid "kitty videos" and all that other MIND NUMBING cr@pola! It used to be you had to have a BRAIN to use the Internet, now all you need to be is stoned off your gourd and a "mouse potato" and just point and click.

Comment: Re:Why? Exactly (Score 1) 2219

by gabrieltss (#46203053) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

I second this! The beat just sucks big green donkey d!ck$! There is nothing wrong with the existing slashdot. What is this need to change up everything? They must have some people with wild hairs up their @$$! Dump your beta now while you still have people that congregate or they'll end up losing a major chunk of the people that come to this site.

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