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Comment Send them home! (Score 1) 216

Send them the HELL home! There are enough foreigners taking American jobs! Ask the American IT workers at Disney how it's working out for them being FORCED to train their Foreign Indian replacements and then told "see ya loser!" by Disney! While we are at it - F* Disney too!

Comment Good Riddence! (Score 1) 133

I went to UOP for 1 year (at the UOP in Denver, CO) - at the time they were the only college I found that had "adult education" curriculum's. Once Regis University came out with their's I dropped UOP like a bad habit! They were a TOTAL waste of my time and $$$! They were forever losing the tuition checks sent to them and always asked me to have the bank re-send them. I took one computer science course where the instructor took the WHOLE class time to talk about his theory about what happened to the Dinosaurs. Seriously? Really? Then I took a project management course with them. The day Columbine happened when I went to class that night, the instructor came in dressed in black pants, black cowboy boots, black shirt and a leather black trench-coat. Everyone in the class was looking at each other like "doesn't this MF know what just happened today?"
Yeah I would AVOID UOP like the plague!

Comment Now we KNOW what this is REALLY about... (Score -1, Troll) 81

"It's public knowledge that Google contributes to the US Chamber of Commerce, and to some quarters, "the Chamber" is suffering from "Climate Change Denial Symptom" and they are doing their best to cut off any funding to "the Chamber" from Google."

It's all about the climate change nutballs trying to stop ANYONE that disagrees with them. Heck they already want climate change deniers put to death. Lets just hope a LARGE earthquake swallows all the climate change folks up.

Comment Re:Bye Bye California! (Score 1) 1094

Really? Ask the UAW folks who all lost their jobs when Detroit basically shut down. The Unions are greedy! I know what those UAW folks were making and getting for benefits. It was WAY out of line. Their greed helped in the $$$ losses of the auto makers.

Yes unions helped with decent working hours and such - but all that is GONE! When Obama, the Democrats and Republicans pass TPP - kiss ALL the jobs in the U.S. BYE BYE! Foreigners will move in and take them all.No union will be able to stop it.

Get a clue.

Comment Bye Bye California! (Score -1, Flamebait) 1094

Just wait until businesses start laying off people to cover the cost of the new $15/hr. And follow that up with businesses that leave the LA area to towns that don't have the $15/hr. Or businesses fold up and all employees lose their jobs. Or the businesses leave the state entirely - again employees lose jobs. There goes ALL that tax revenue and now you have even MORE people on "public assistance". People thought that California was bankrupt now - just wait until all this starts happening. They will be PRAYING for a major earthquake to sink the western half of California to get them out of financial trouble. Once California sinks on the $15/hr thing - cities and states will be FLEEING from the idea. So let it ride..... Me, I'm just waiting for businesses to stop offering Health Insurance because of that b@stardization of Health Care called "ObaaaaamaCare".....

Comment Are you kidding me... (Score 0) 249

More "global warming" religious wars on Slashdot.....

Ok so as soon as ANYONE says "global warming" is BS the the totally worshipers come out of the woodwork to attack them. You could have all kinds of data to combat the believers but that's because your "attacking" their "religion". We all know that the earth was a heck of a low warmer than it is now before man walked the earth - when dinosaurs roamed the earth. What will we blame that on? Dinosaur farts? The global warming religious crowed needs to come to the realization that the earth IS affected by the sun, it's climate is CONSTANTLY changing and has over millions of years. It's not ALL mans fault like the religious zealots want to FORCE everyone to believe. Yes they have their freedom of religion like everyone else. They are free to worship Al Gore, their Carbon Taxes and the men who are/will get rich off of them. And YES the whole "global warming" thing is NOTHING but a religious war!

So we might as well quit talking about it because those who worship their global warming aren't going to change their minds and those who don't believe in the whole global warming thing aren't going to change their minds. The solution - lets just all agree to disagree....

But the religious will attack me and say I'm a brainwashed follower of FOX news or some other total BS Republican mouthpiece, just as they are brainwashed by their Liberal/Democrat mouthpieces. News FLASH - I'm not republican nor democrat - I know BOTH parties are controlled by the SAME people!

Comment Re:At the same time - Amiga (Score 1) 323

Hell the Commodore Amiga's DOS was FAR superior to MS-DOS. The ONLY reason Microsoft's stuff became more popular is because they were better at marketing and at "lock in" than anyone else. The Amiga was a FAR superior OS than what Microsoft had at the time. Hell the AmigaOS was doing Preemptive Multitasking when Windows was trying to still figure out how to do Task Switching properly! Hell Commodore even GAVE out to the public domain their intuition library - which was their multitasking library. Bill Gates cr@P for software is still JUST THAT CR@P! Look at the leaps and bounds Linux has made in the past decade alone. Heck Microsoft was turning a blind eye to the piracy of early versions of windows for the SOLE reason to get as many people using it as possible. Once they had the monopoly and and run most of the smaller players out of the market THEN they started clamping down on piracy of their software!

F* Microsoft!

Comment Re:Is this an article on wealth redistribution? (Score 2, Interesting) 296

I interviewed with Amazon twice - both times told them no thank you. Now I get hit up by their recruiters weekly. I finally told them to stop contacting me. I wasn't interested in their "work your @$$ to death" corporate culture. Just like I told Microsoft I wouldn't work for them because I despised the company.

Comment Mis-coding being perpitrated by doctors! (Score 4, Informative) 532

Back in the 90's I did some IT consulting work for a lady that had a consulting practice that their whole gig was they went into doctors offices and showed them how they could use different CPT codes for for various procedures and make more money from it. So instead of using a code for say "blood sugar blood test" then would show them to use the code for a generic procedure that had a higher cost. They would do a "free" analysis of the doctors current billing's then show where they could make the doctor more money by going bill by bill to show them where they could make more money by using different CPT codes. When the doctor would hire her company (pay them $$$) they would then show which specific CPT codes to change on each bill. She still has this business and is making good money as well she is also now a lobbyist for the medical industry....

Comment Re:Isn't Cheaper, the American Dream - for Co. (Score 5, Insightful) 294

For Companies yes. That is why they want more H1-B's to drive wages down to slave wages an help line the pockets of executives. I think companies should have to pay monetary penalties for every H1-B they hire.

My last company I was asked to help my boss write a job description targeted to a specific persons resume - it was a person from India with an H1-B. The person was "submitted" by another person in the company that was an H1-B. I informed my boss that by law he had to look for an American Candidate first. He told me that if an American candidate fit the job description he would hire them. When the job description is tailored to a specific persons resume the chances of someone else fitting it are slim. Been there, done that. I told my boss I could not with a clear conscious help him do something so underhanded. I immediately started looking for another job and found one and started my new job within 4 weeks. I couldn't work for a slimy company like that. Granted anymore, just about every company is becoming slimy.....

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."