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Comment: Re:well... not exactly (Score 0) 246

by gabrieltss (#47845935) Attached to: Protesters Blockade Microsoft's Seattle Headquarters Over Tax Breaks

"because of us you have many thousands more people paying property/school/sales taxes and supporting the local economy. Other places would be willing to offer us a break on our corporate taxes if we moved there instead and benefitted their economy. So why don't you?"

ONLY Businesses can get away with this. The average citizen couldn't. Say I went to my city and said "you should give me a tax break because I spend my pay check in your city and without me you would have that much less local income." Sorry but it wouldn't work - they would LAUGH me out of the city council meeting. Why should big businesses be any different. Sure maybe give them -some- breaks but not the massive ones they get. Having worked for Cabelas I -know- how much they get out of a city to bring one of their stores into town. The big difference is big businesses can shove tons of money into the pockets of the politicians as well as pay for trips and golf outings, or put money in their re-election coffers and magically the business gets what it wants.

Sorry folks but Corporations - run this country and drive ALL the decisions not -YOU- - your vote means diddly squat! They only thing politicians care about is $$$$ to make their decisions. So if you want a politician to vote the way you want - be prepared to cough up LOTS of $$$$ to them somehow.

Comment: It's all about outsourcing for less $$$ (Score 2) 249

by gabrieltss (#47840989) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps

Companies are outsourcing to India for dimes on the dollar.

That's what my company is doing. They have basically told us we won't be doing any in house development. My COO flat out told me they were going to using people from India because they can pay them a dime on the dollar. The whole line of people who are in any kind of development track all will have to take a "skills assessment" to see where their skills might best fit them elsewhere in the organization. All DBA and server administration work is being transferred as well. Guess what NO IT job is safe these days.... IT -IS- a dying field in the U.S. unless you want to work for dimes on the dollar... Maybe those striking fast food workers will find themselves outsourced by Indians as well.

They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!

Comment: Re:What does Obama know that we don't? - we Know! (Score 1) 284

by gabrieltss (#47061893) Attached to: White House Pressures Legislators Into Gutting USA FREEDOM Act

The reason is the guy is a PUPPET! Just like Bush was and like Clinton and Bush before him. Our congress is controller by big money and corporations. Voting is useless! You are given TWO choices - Dickhead 1 or Dickhead 2 - pick your Dickhead - both have already been "tampered" with. Our whole political system has been compromised. It's all nothing but a bag of dicks! Once you have understood this you will KNOW what is going on....

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by gabrieltss (#47061835) Attached to: IT Pro Gets Prison Time For Sabotaging Ex-Employer's System

In some states their labor laws explicitly allow companies to make you work 2 weeks straight without a day off as long as they give you 1 day off before and after the 2 week shift. Been through that - and it's criminal in my mind - but legal. Companies have the money and power to do whatever they want and can get away with it. There are lots of things companies do and can get away with because they can payoff people to make things happen for them. Yet you rarely see company executives go to prison for some of the stuff they do.

Comment: Re:Ha, hot programming jobs - What? (Score 1) 466

Democrats AND Republicans are BOTH systematically DESTROYING the jobs in this country. The problem is voting is useless anymore - we are given two choices for anything - $h!thead #1 or $h!thead #2 - party doesn't matter - both options we are given are both already bought and groomed.

Comment: Re:Ha, hot programming jobs -Yeah! (Score 1) 466

The last two companies have outsourced all development to India outsourcing firms because they can pay them a dime on the dollar. In fact the COO of my current company flat out told me that to my face as to why they were doing it. But the first firm they outsourced to racked up a HUGE multimillion $ bill and gave us utter garbage of a product. So they just changed to a different India firm that is charging even less. I can see what utter garbage we will get out of them... The U.S. developers are now having to go in and cleanup the mess the first firm left.

So yeah - if your from India there are LOTS of programming jobs available - if your from the U.S. - your better off moving to Bangalore or some other major India IT hub to look for a job. Sorry but those are the absolute FACTS. It seems U.S. companies don't care about quality - they only care about reducing costs so the executives can get bigger bonuses....

Comment: F* the LGBT!!! (Score 0) 384

F* the LGBT!!! I am SO sick and tired of their Mafia tactics. People have the RIGHT to NOT accept their garbage! If they don't like it TOUGH $H!t!! They just need to GET OVER I!!! I'm not Racists - I hate everyone equally! I'm just so done with their "we have the the right to exist, but no one else has the right not not accept us." - He LGBT - gutess what LOTS OF PEOPLE DO NOT ACCEPT your lifestyle - get the F* over it! Get over yourselves you sick and twisted get over it!!!

Comment: What do the have we don't? (Score 1) 664

by gabrieltss (#46915473) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps

"We have backup, guns, radio, jackets — all that stuff civilians don't have."

Backup - yup - take some friends with you.
Guns - yup - ever heard of the 2nd amendment. I own MANY.
Radio - yup - anyone can buy radios with 5+ mile ranges on them - I have 4
Jackets - yup - you can buy those too - I have one

Ok so what do the police have we don't besides a worthless piece of tin on their shirt?

Since the cops don't a rats @$$ about your radio - you should go get it yourself. The job of the cops is to clean up the mess afterwords - they don't care about your stolen iPhone....

Comment: The best way to give these guys "the finger" is (Score 1) 154

Just start dropping cable. I did 4 years ago and haven't gone back. I'm strictly "over the air" now I get 11+ channels in the new 'digital" airwaves, plus streaming video/tv series over the internet. WTF do I need cable for? If enough people DROP their cable subscriptions - they will get the hint real quick. The ONLY thing these guys understand is $$$$$$. If you have one area where they suddenly lose %50 or more of their subscribers dropping their service, they will eventually have to listen to US!.

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