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Comment Re:Major power consumption: an overlooked issue (Score 1) 76

Doesn't limit the functioning of the kernel? I'd have to argue some semantics on that one. It may not affect functionality of the kernel but it certainly interferes with the functioning of a system using battery power. If that system is able to run for less time on battery power than before, that device's functionality is reduced. This is a major issue as many users (myself included) are using linux on lapotps/mobile devices. Even for those that aren't, more power being drawn by servers = more cost in electric bills in data centers and that is no good either.

It's incredibly disappointing and will hopefully be fixed soon.

The poster below stating that no distros are using kernels affected by this issue as their default makes a valid point. Hopefully none will use any kernels affected by this as it is a total showstopper for laptop/mobile users.


Feed Google News Sci Tech: Netflix controls 61% of movie streaming; stock jumps on upgrade - Los Angeles Ti->

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Netflix controls 61% of movie streaming; stock jumps on upgrade
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Netflix now accounts for more movies watched on the Internet than all of its competitors combined. According to new data released Tuesday by market research firm NPD Group, 61% of movies downloaded or streamed between January and February came from ...
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Comment Re:A few clarifications (Score 1) 149

Excellent points and I don't disagree with you at all.

I come from a different background where I would never think of exposing this sort of thing and I think that also needs to be drilled into anyone dealing with networked apps. Security 101 never really changes.

Comment Re:A few clarifications (Score 1) 149

It's just odd to me that people don't read the manual. Perhaps the memcached authors could make the fact that it doesn't do any sort of authentication more obvious. Still, it was quite plain to me when setting it up that it needs to be firewalled - just like everything else that you don't want to be accessed from outside.

Comment Re:This clearly needs 10 more stories (Score 1) 141

In the article you linked to about the firefox exploit they state:

Do note that Heisse tried to confirm the vulnerability and only managed a crash on Vista and can't seem to make it work on Windows 7 RC1

So this exploit did not lead to the system being compromised and your comparison is dishonest at best.

Comment Re:Marketshare gains misleading... (Score 1) 463

Hmm, just to add to the other replies to this, I don't see that here in FF either.

"Copy Link Location" works as it should. I see there is an onClick event registered on all of the links that sends some data back to google (which I would expect for their data mining) but as far as copying the url and pasting it elsewhere, it works fine.

Comment Re:Free market will fix this (Score 1) 259

Ugh, one of my main clients insists that their client user logins on one of their sites be stored in plain text so it can be emailed out/their admins can see the passwords.

I've tried to explain to them time and time again why this is not so great, but they won't listen...

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