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PlayStation (Games)

+ - The real reason PSN is down?->

Submitted by
gaanagaa writes "A moderator over at is speculating The real reason why PSN is down. He explains that there was this new CFW (custom firmware) released known as Rebug ( This firmware turns a retail console into a limited dev console and access Sony's private developer PSN network which also led to piracy of PSN content."
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The Internet

+ - Markets for IPv4 addresses emerging->

Submitted by netbuzz
netbuzz (955038) writes "A an active marketplace for buying and selling IPv4 addresses is materializing, and policymakers are clarifying the rules associated with how network operators can monetize this increasingly scarce resource. At least four websites are serving as brokers for organizations that want to sell or lease IPv4 address space. The activity comes in the wake of Nortel's recent sale of 666,624 IPv4 addresses to Microsoft for $7.5 million, or $11.25 per address."
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+ - Warner Studios Moves to Blu-ray Exclusively->

Submitted by
gaanagaa writes "The battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD has gotten more intense or may even be in the end-game. Today, Warner Studios announced that they are dropping HD DVD and will be only pressing Blu-ray discs. This is a big deal because Warner has a huge catalog of content. It is the fifth studio to back Blu-ray, developed by Sony Corp. Only two support the HD DVD format, developed by Toshiba Corp."
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PC Games (Games)

+ - id Software gets Steamed->

Submitted by
gaanagaa writes "Valve to share its Steam platform with video game publisher id Software. The deal will distribute a range of the company's popular game franchises on Valve's Steam network. Games can be purchased for download individually or in collections, including the id Superpack which includes every id game on Steam. Starting today, Steam users can download full versions of the complete Doom series and Quake I — III, including mission packs, as well as a collection of retro classics."
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