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Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

They probably don't currently have the technology in place to meter during the day, and be unlimited at night. It's an excellent idea to encourage users to schedule big downloads overnight. Maybe they don't pursue it because those big downloads are often TV and movie piracy, which competes with Comcast's cable TV business.

Heavy Internet users should consider getting a business account. This also makes it possible to access your home video library remotely using software like Plex, and to set up an FTP server for your friends. It's expensive, but the added capabilities, higher speed, and lack of caps make it worthwhile to some people.

Of course the definition of heavy Internet use is going to change over time as average people start streaming UHD video, and caps will go up, so unless you're in the top 1% of users like I used to be, I wouldn't worry about it.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 220

It's not just physical security. If your servers are connected to the Internet, and no security expert is reviewing your configuration, it's extremely likely that a cloud provider is more secure. Of course in-house servers with no Internet connection are the most secure, but most businesses seem to be Internet-connected these days, and too few focus on security.

Comment Re:NIce to see (Score 1) 143

models and hypotheses being tested by the scientific method. So why doesn't this skepticism and rigor extend to climate science?

It does. The willfully-ignorant Conservatives just keep denying reality.

Answer: the leftists are too heavily invested politically to allow the scientific method to proceed untainted.

Hahaha, no...That's the wingnut "explanation." None of their bizarre claims regarding people outside their cult are true.
Why is it that the fantasy-role-playing RWNJs keep pretending that it's the tricksy left that's anti-science, when we can all see that it's the Republican lunatics who chose superstition, and rejected science. It's not the left who keep coming out as bigots and blaming their superstitions for their failure as humans, making them doubly-stupid.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 143

Where are there Maoist show trials where researchers are called deniers? Is this what the insane global warming deniers now pretend is the case? The Conservative cult is highly motivated to never engage with reality, all for the profits of those who so easily manipulate Conservative superstitions. Their whole house of delusions would crumble if they engaged any critical thinking skills instead of immersing themselves in conspiracy theories.

Comment Re:Biggest seen since we've been looking (Score 1) 273

You seem to mean well, but you're trying to create a false balance between the reality-based people that you call "alarmists" and the foolish propaganda-gulping "deniers." That's not helpful.

We know for a fact that warming is real, it's just that the propagandized right-wing lunatics can't accept that they're driving us all off a cliff. Hate-radio, and right-wing fake-news has done us a lot of harm.

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