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Comment Re:Not a problem, nothing to see here (Score 1) 217

> but deep packet inspection in order to throttle the streams of non-participating content providers is still a violation of net neutrality.

Even when it's the user who decides whether lower bitrate streams are selected, as is the case here? I wouldn't think that would be a violation.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 217

Not slowed down, which would cause stuttering. It's streamed at a lower bitrate to reduce the user's cost from non-free streaming data. This is under the user's control, not T-Mobile's. You can choose to potentially burn up your data allowance by streaming at 1080p if you want.

I do think they failed to do enough to inform the users of their new service. I only learned of this when I logged into t-Mobile to pay my bill, and a note on the new opt-out data-saving feature popped up.

The free from some sources issue does indeed seem to violate the principles of net-neutrality.

Comment Re:We need Federally controlled schools. (Score 1, Insightful) 510

If his neighbors have stupid beliefs, what you call "views," it's in all of our best interest that their children become smarter than they are. Generation after generation of superstitious derp is why people in our more backward states keep voting for destructive politicians. It's really easy to trick religious rubes, so it's in our best interest to have more educated people, and less rubes.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 510

This has nothing to do with science standing scrutiny. You're reading too much from the name of the legislation, which is just propaganda. This is about reality-denying religious extremists bringing their archaic beliefs into the classroom to try to pass them to a new generation, despite their beliefs being centuries beyond their sell-by date. Smart people knew religion was an absurd scam way back when our country was being founded, but our more backward subcultures still cling to their primitive beliefs.

If this actually led to science teachers teaching that religious "explanations" are fantasy, the right-wing Christianists behind this would lose their minds.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1, Insightful) 510

What do you mean by "evolutionists?" Evolutionary biologists, or just anyone who isn't a delusional creationist? If the latter, isn't that like saying water-wetists, or blue-skyists? Grass-greenists? We don't generally label the reality-based people like that. These labels are for people who's incredibly stupid beliefs set them apart from the rest of us. People like creationists, and flat-earthers.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 257

With the low fine, and unconstitutionality, it seems like this rep is trolling us.
How can he possibly be serious?

Horrible people posting inappropriate things is just one of the bad things that come along with all the good the Internet brings us. I don't think there's anything we can do about it. You can't legislate compassion into people.

Comment 1" quadcopters are pretty difficult to fly. (Score 2) 73

I have one from Axis drones, that was the world's smallest quadcopter when I bought it, and avoiding slamming it into the ceiling, then crashing to the floor at my place is the biggest challenge. They're much easier to use in a gym, or at least a house with high ceilings.

Axis has a new small copter with video, called the VIDIUS, which should be really good for beginners.

I'm not with the company, just someone who likes playing with new technologies.

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