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Comment: Re:What good is aid going to do (Score -1, Troll) 221

by Jeff Flanagan (#47931185) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response
>This is full on level of nutjobbery.

The Republicans put a lot of work into disconnecting conservatives from reality, it would be surprising if it didn't spill over onto sites that aren't devoted to lying to conservatives to keep them confused and hateful.

Comment: Re:I've never understood this... (Score 2) 944

by Jeff Flanagan (#47928927) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children
>They don't want the kids to learn science or even mention things like evolution...
>Is their religion on such shaky grounds that it can't stand up to some critical thinking?

Name one religion than isn't on shaky ground and can stand up to critical thinking. Religion is way past its sell-by date, and is obviously pure fantasy.

Comment: Re: Lifetime at 16nm? (Score 4, Interesting) 64

by AaronLS (#47921535) Attached to: Micron Releases 16nm-Process SSDs With Dynamic Flash Programming

It may not have to do with cell lifetime, but it does relate to overall endurance. If their "tricks" are legitimate algorithmic approaches to improving endurance, then the native cell lifetime becomes less of a solid metric to endurance. It would be the analogy to when clock speeds of CPUs became less relevant when manufacturers began focusing on increasing pipeline throughput instead of clock speed.

If a decrease from 20nm to 16nm feature size increases density by 25% and only decreases cell lifetime by 10%, then they will have more than enough new capacity to overprovision for the difference, and if their algorithmic improvements are legitimate, then that mitigates the need for additional over provisioning.

There's alot of "if"s in there of course, because you can't always take such PR at face value.

Comment: Re:Ask anyone still on Dial Up (Score 1) 527

by AaronLS (#47874263) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

"but it's still fairly frustrating"

The fact that you want to do more simultaneous "broadband activities" at a time and 4mbps doesn't provide enough bandwidth for this doesn't mean 4mbps != broadband.

You named some things it's good enough for(wikipedia requires about 5% of that bandwidth, so to imply it is just good enough is a kind of rediculous), but you've not given one concrete example of a situation where 4mbps is not enough for typical usage. Unless you're trying to download torrents while streaming 1080p from something like Netflix at the same time, then 4mbps is fine for vast majority of things. If your ISP is giving you the full 4mbps and they haven't over provisioned in your neighborhood(if your on shared bandwidth like cable) then you can have two people watching Netflix at the same time on that connection.

Those are the kinds of activities you can only do on broadband, and the fact that you can do them on 4mbps is what makes it broadband. Unless there is a problem with your connection or your trying to do more than one broadband activity, then something like Netflix should be working just fine.

Comment: Re:Ask anyone still on Dial Up (Score 1) 527

by AaronLS (#47874139) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

Your anology is bad. You obviously have never used dialup.
Dialup is like being on foot.
ISDN, which is slightly better than dialup is the bicycle.
4 mbps is the car.
4mbps is 100 times faster than dialup, if not more because where I can usually get the full speed of my broadband connection, I almost never got the full speed of dialup, usually around 33kbps. What took a week to download on dialup takes 1 hour on 4 mbps.

Comment: Re:Le sigh.... (Score 1) 167

by AaronLS (#47837727) Attached to: Scientists Sequence Coffee Genome, Ponder Genetic Modification

And that's where the anti-GMO nuts fall on their faces. We've eaten hybrid, selectively bred, and grafted plants for decades, and the anti-GMO's eat plenty of this stuff, and there are potential side affects to all of these processes. Just look at pure bred dogs and cats, and all the medical problems many of them have that are an attribute of their breed.

Comment: Re:Battery life seems to be a killer (Score 1) 87

by Jeff Flanagan (#47835345) Attached to: Moto 360 Reviews Arrive
>I've seen a lot of people on this site bash smartwatches if they have less than a week of battery life, and that always seemed like overkill to me.

Yes, that would be an insane requirement. People with that kind of attitude are just a waste of time since they're in the market for a product that does not exist.

>I suspect a lot of people (most?) are like me and take off their watches at night anyways

That means you can't have any sleep-monitoring functionality in the watch, and health tracking is the only thing that will get many of us to strap something to our wrists, since watches have been made obsolete by our phones. A 24 hour charge, with a very fast charger or easily replaceable battery is the only way to make this work. Charging one battery while you're using the other, and making a quick swap is probably the best solution with current technology.

Btw, "anyways" isn't a word.

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