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Submission + - Resources for a Begginer game programmer?

abuthemagician writes: "I have a friend whose son wants to be a Video Game programmer when he gets done with college. He is only in eighth grade right now, but where would be a good place to start? I think if he started now he would have a good chance at actually getting a job when he graduates."

Feed Stanford scientist has three wishes (

Video: Stanford scientist has three wishes. CNET's Zamir Haider talked with Stanford University scientist Terry Root who's been studying the effect of climate change on animals and the environment. She explained three changes that would most help cope with global warming.

Feed Public deliberately misled, says Stanford scientist (

Video: Public deliberately misled, says Stanford scientist. CNET's Zamir Haider interviewed Terry Root, a senior fellow at Stanford University's Center for Environmental Science and Policy. Her findings on climate change indicate that the effects are already being seen around the globe. Why has there been so much disagreement over climate change?

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